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Resident Evil: Afterlife

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Apocalypse, extinction, collapse of … no wonder that it goes with this series of hills, the signals a straight subtitles. Four, however, rush into battle with a proud Afterlife alias posthumous life. Paul W.S. Anderson then talks straight talk about the resurrection – with a spectacular 3D game realism draft and a lot of breathtaking moments. The 3D tools from Cameron’s did not come off badly, no?

After the death of the cliquey Rally 3D thrill in serving not only by far the worst chapter in the whole undead saga, but also totally fails to supply visual lollipops, which would at least partially mask stupid scenario. A bit steep words are definitely out, because it is the opening sequence just unbelievably stupid. No one, not two, but nearly a dozen Alice’s racing through the base of the Umbrella Corp. and destroyed the dozens of bullet shots accrued neoprene. Everything takes place in an extremely slow-and two Milly in the picture is always exactly the same, just reversed, so that you feel you have someone in post-production hell lives easier. Moreover, it gives the impression that giving the camera frowning actress has kept a gun / sword like a pig bone, twice just does not pay.

All this weird scanned chaos, in which someone is able to run and run something quiet for thirty seconds (why? Probably because someone thought it “cool”), you start to realize that Anderson had the capabilities to overwhelm the new realities of film and walked out with any own ideas. Choreography itself is also strangely discontinuous – recalls the turmoil of computer games, but its kinetics in mock submission works on entirely different grounds, and therefore act rapidly flickering, flip hurling, brandishing swords and is not slowing enough characters unnaturally. When you play a game stopped in the middle of the room and not wait until you travel around the camera, not just look, just run from enemy to enemy and crush buttons until your fingers will not hurt.Exactly this feeling you will have the Anderson home carvings. No pause, no movie moments, just chopped actions in which Marines fall to the ground. Without effect, without emotion, without any reason.

After this purgatory, which does not resemble anything in the previous three parts (even if that Milla has a slightly different design and it is absolutely immune to any humor or exaggeration), the plot after all calmed down a little – Alice loses his super abilities (which is not seen nothing and the time at least Milla forgets again and sliced zombies with his bare hands) and shipwrecked on the roof of a LosAngeles jail, where the undead mob hiding disparate lot, including Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), this time behind bars. Why in the film? Because he played in the series about the guy who escapes from prison, it is obvious, no? Anderson was the springboard for this donkey’s definitely pat on the back, so Moving on. Another storyline I have not tired of you, because there is nothing happen. Throughout the film are all there is to it four locations (base Umbrella, beach, prison, a large ship), minor characters, what they died their admission in advance, but you disappointed that all the die so that someone somewhere drags, where it is chopped in a second. Nothing epic deathman or something creative. I just timed out and go. Given that this series goes, according to classic survival horror cliche of, they should be these moments of grace movie. None.And unfortunately, the same is true for action scenes.

One of the biggest probably be settling in the shower, where the clash Ali Larter, MillaJovovich and thunder thunders. Who’s thunder thunders? About four meters cutting a giant hammer. Where did? There are married! Anderson did just once shot at a deserted town where a guy came with a giant hammer. And it’s … Nah us with a complicated plot, Paul. This whole adrenaline golden rule in the shower lasts about three minutes. If you let her normal speed, so you get to forty seconds. Without the idea, odorless, with only a few 3D effects that can “reach” into a smile, like those desperate 3D horror, in which ax waving at the camera so that viewers could “touch” on the blade.Hm, I’d rather zombie crows or duel with something that in itself has no pixels. If it is really a triumph of Umbrella Doberman, which can halve (lengthwise) so that the stomach fired toothed colon, then someone should at least pick up a pencil Anderson and confiscate drugs under the influence of this paper wrote.

Random robot should mention must be tough, as before dodges bullets like Neo, and speaks as if someone had stopped by a diving rod butt. Zombie and the whole post-apocalyptic future that obediently waiting in the background while you’re bombarded with and without the soap opera sex 3d, whose technical quality is indisputable, but lacks any idea. Never forget the thirty-second zoom through the hatch from the channel, which led to the blurry darkness. You could not make Anderson a couple of test shots in the backyard? From the guy who always had visuals at your fingertips (and even mistakes as the first AVP), I would expect a similar riot.

A real bummer but often not take the lead in speed cameras and selected as more of what actually takes place before a pair of lenses – covered with a latex Milla juggles with machine guns and firing blindly into the bush zombies (always hit), they move somewhere, there does the same thing over and over so that the film ended cliffhanger to ensure infantry for five more levels … sorry film. The point is, to embarrassingly painful.The whole is more than the film recalls the computer game from someone who too could not understand how computer games work. What is their emphasis on how the plot unfolds in such a way as to not act stupid the mindless slaughter of hundreds of enemies, and how cleverly escalating hostile bosses that players still appeared headed to a cold sweat. All this as the game Resident Evil 4 (and 5) offers. Engaging storyline, better moments, and better action shot. Mulcahy after termination, it appeared momentarily that the film series compared with the game up. That evolution is possible after all. Mastermind celluloid Resident Evil but now all the effort back to the beginning and maybe a little bit the buck. The plot did not move anywhere, neither Alice and the only thing Anderson has concluded the sky is full of helicopters from Umbrella, ie only a weak excuse to unleash the action scenes.

For myself I say more wanker leap – whether troll with machine guns, katana, funny or giant hammer – you can not stand my body. And I think especially people outside the video game generation to be the same. For who but I mean this movie is? Fans hated the game for the series long ago, fans of zombies prefer to play original and Milla’s a whole footage is not naked. Sales in U.S. cinemas, however, indicate that overseas there are about a lot of confused people who climb into the wrong hall. So you’d better Watch out for the rudder, it is marking today in multiplexes rather misleading …

P.S. Music by drawings from Mr. Tomandandy (Ted are about two, but when you read together, it sounds exotic) is literally the icing on the coffin.


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