Monday, December 11


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Robert Rodriguez is often laugh at his children (or childish) films. In the third Spy Kids could make it this one handyman and embarrass Sylvester Stallone (now in three places). But then came the Grindhouse Planet Terror and the audience began to smolder hope … Mexican this may still remembers when the ideas pouring out of his sleeve as a conveyor belt. Antonio Banderas had worn guitar, shoot both hands and armscrushedSalma Hayek. Golden age, which may not be completely gone.

The Grindhouse trysts with Tarantino is subtly turned out to Danny Trejo Solovki.Originally just a small link to the Desperado in the form of a fictional trailer for Machete, a character from a Hollywood debut, Rodriguez, has gradually grown into a project in which he stars smaller and larger intensity of the full-throat ed included. And Rodriguez have once again become dirty hands and aerate patriotic motives. To feel like an old panther, to invite the camera buddy Ethan Manuquise. Result stinks nostalgia for a hundred furlongs away – dead roasted napalm grill, cutting and stabbing wounds inflicted by a wide plethora of gardening tools, a great muscle car, high necklines, big guns … I caught your attention?

Rodriguez managed to lock the viewer into a chair just flash backs during the opening scene, which comes into view (this is obviously a whole, in detail, does not fit), Steven Seagal and a strange mixture of Spanish and English language begins Trejo explained that his turf is played under its rules. Whereupon his wife take off her head and she goes to do the same thing to his daughter. Machete takes a lot less seriously than Desperado, but is still far from pure parody, a la Black Dynamite. It’s just the golden mean, which does not hamper the plot of revenge, political intrigue and assassination, which is entirely to the liking nevydaří (victims, a murderer and advertisers).

There is plenty of room for disrobing the contrary, Lindsay Lohan (in a nude scene but it’s double points, so tame your imagination), vysmátého Robert De Niro and endearing Mafia speaker Jeff Faheyho. After twenty minutes of “going on” you just feel that this movie is anything can happen, so when Michelle Rodriguez tenderize an egg under the bed and a few minutes later, it has a sunny side up, certainly not looking for, why and how it happened. Especially since right after the house exploded. Why? Because it goes way.

Absurdly dragged but things do not help a weak plot and the actors of different weight categories (Jessica Alba plays still as bad, but here it just fits). Thanks to self-awareness and scarred face, Danny Trejo poker movie does not breath, as it commonly happens in a parody of incompetent tighten feature footage. The bush knives are always some in stock this cameo, diversifying brilliant action scenes or dialog pearl that Rodriguez patiently kept at bay.

Adrenalin burrito is also larded with gun battles and chase, from which the rest of India feel that those of us from fifteen years ago happened in Desperado. South Park excessive brutality, slow-motion shots of the sisters with guns, cars, bouncing along the road with a rocket launcher instead of horn … in this Tex-exploitation anything can happen, and unlike clutching a Time in Mexico that Bastia is a winch.

On the symbolic end of summer season loaded with hard we wish symbolic film.Everyone’s included, left not one dry eye, not a cold barrel. At a quick glance at the full casting veteran and cronies, it would seem that it would be boring and predictable, safe bet, but nothing could be farther from the truth. If there is a kind of movie purgatory, there is now queue – Rodriguez gets amnesty for himself, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Robert De Niro, and maybe a few others. If you do not want to go to eternal damnation, they might have preferred to choose a pension. Especially Seagal had this etude has a chance to overcome. Trejo And finally we can stop laughing at the ad.

Another of the film, which is important, but how … one star after another poured from one sleeve of messages, the second lead and the corpses pile up as quickly as South Park absurdity reaching parameters. Do you think that Rodriguez is a filmmaker stale? The Machete exudes enthusiasm over some of the shorts on YouTube. This comeback will do just fine.


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