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A Guide To The Town Of Waterlooville

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Waterlooville is a small town located in the south of England. Just a few miles inland from the coast Waterlooville lies in the county of Hampshire and is closely situated to the city of Portsmouth. The town has a population of around sixty thousand people which includes many small suburbs that connect to the town. The town has a rich history and there have been people living in this area for many years.

Waterlooville recently hit the headlines where their football team known as Havant & Waterlooville made it to the 4th round of the FA cup, a major achievement for a club of this size. They got drawn against Liverpool FC and the game captured the imagination of the country. The size actually led twice in the game but eventually lost to the Anfield team 5-2. This put Waterlooville on the map though and the name has since become synonymous with the FA cup.

If you are visiting the town there are a wide range of things to get involved with. If you visit on a Friday it is market day and always busier down in the centre. There are lots of interesting shops to look around including some aimed more at visitors. Planet Trash is a great little shop to explore, this unusual shop offers some excellent gifts and some interesting little bits and pieces. The Frame Studio sells some good local art work and is worth a browse around. There are also more practical shops in the town such as Tesco.

If you are planning a visit to Waterlooville and are looking for somewhere to stay then your best option is probably heading to Portsmouth where there is a wide variety of hotels ranging from large four star hotels down to little bed and breakfasts. I Waterlooville itself there is the option of staying at the Ship & Bell Inn. This is an old fashioned inn that offers rooms and board. The rooms are actually quite nice and the prices are reasonable, the inn does offer some excellent home made food which is well worth sampling whether you are actually staying in the inn or not.

There are lots of places in this area worth a visit. Waterlooville is a nice place to use as a base as you explore places like Portsmouth and Southampton, these are two of the biggest cities on the south coast and there is always plenty going on there. If you are looking for scenery then head for the coast, Bognor Regis is a very popular tourist destination and is only about a half hour drive away. Another place that is really worth a visit is The Isle Of Wight, you can catch a ferry from Portsmouth and there is plenty to see and do on the island.

Overall Waterlooville really is a lovely little town with plenty to offer any visitors. Next time you are heading for the south coast of England make sure that you give Waterlooville a look, I am sure you will enjoy it.


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