Thursday, December 14

Life OF A Student Artist

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Life is like a game…either you win or loose. Nobody and even you don’t know of how many gold you’ll dig up at the end of each game.

Some of the affluent and conceited conquerors consider life as an easy one, believing they always own the crown. Perhaps they can’t think that some people are working much harder than they did. When they lost they can’t just accept the reality.

Bestowing and sharing your skills or talents add colors to life. Of course, being a student artist has great responsibilities: balancing the time for school, career and family-choosing which one will be prioritized. But you know what? At an early age, one can become famous, can go anywhere, can gain additional experiences, meeting new friends and having a self confidence through exposure to other avenues. This serves also as an inspiration and gives strength despite the trials and challenges one have been through.     

Life of a student artist is a pleasurable one but somehow tricky.  It either serves as an inspiration or deter concentrate in studies, time will be divided and sometimes no time for self and love. Personality because of popularity will be criticized by the people who don’t have the talents and blessings one has or who have other interest or focus. Sometimes, if not oftentimes, artists are misinterpreted that even teachers who are supposed to be our number one supporters and inspiration are the ones on the negative side, not considerate, not understanding, or shall I say insecure in favor of others.

If our teachers would only give at least a minute of their time to look into how their student-artists start and develop their skills so they would witness how hard these student are dividing their time for their studies and special talents, perhaps they can be able to attest and utter to themselves how hard really they are exerting crafts. On the other hand, they can’t be blamed because they will never feel it unless they look at it on the positive side.

WE, student-artists are ambassadors of our school, if not our community, to other places outside our town, Nabua. I can recall the late Dr. Lazara V. Julianda when she said, “You, young artists, put Nabua in the map. You highlighted the spot of our town in the whole world. You are selling us through your efforts, talents and skills.

Yes, it is really very rewarding. It is priceless! You can not exchange the learning and experience into anything material. Despite of these we still try our best to balance our school work. Can you imagine studying school lessons immediately after each show and performance? It is a great task to balance academics and arts, isn’t it? But then, with God’s guidance and help, music conquers all.    

Each one of us is just an instrument, just a string, just a key, just a note, just a little component of an orchestrated whole. So, let’s look at each one of us as an instrument of God in bringing unity and harmony. If there is unity, there is peace. If there is respect and understanding, there is harmony. And harmony concretized by color is beautiful!


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