Saturday, December 16

Curious Transformation

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Part of me believes that curiosity lives in all of us but, it seems that interest is not no longer curious. The spirit that lived like a child, curious and innocent has been quieted no longer open to search for answers or listen to lengthy explanations. Curiosity has killed the preverbal cat torn and lifeless but, there is plenty of promise because the transformation of curiosity has taken place, right now a knowing exists that things must change. The lion / lioness has taken their place anticipating the roar of victory.

I recommend this idea to a generation that seems to wander, a generation voice has been quieted. Roaming in unkempt jungles that have been forgotten. A jungle that if not carefully managed will produce serious damage and even death, we need to remind ourselves and the generation that follows that curiosity leads to positive change, and change is what this world need now. The preverbal cat is dead but, the kings and queens of jungle live. Waiting to restore balance to a world where questions are no longer asked, and answers are hidden. Who are the kings and queens, lions/lioness?…. we are. For those who have lived in the jungle see the lies and who knows it can change it.

So rise lions/lioness, kings and queens with divine help, let us be heard let us change the concrete, unkempt, lost, over grown jungles of life into the heaven we know it should be.

Love,Light. Joy



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