Saturday, December 16

Cam Newton is The Best Player in College Football, But he Should Not Win The Heisman Trophy

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Cam Newton is all over the news. He is the best player in college football and he led the Auburn Tigers into the number rankings in NCAA football (BCS rankings). Cam Newton is also in the news for more notorious reasons. The NCAA has proven that his father was pimping Cam around during and after he was kicked off of the Florida Gators. Cam Newton should not win the Heisman Trophy because his father was pimping him out to the highest bidder. How Cam could be oblivious to the situation is a mystery to us all.

Cam Newton’s father was asking teams for $200,000 for his son’s services. Let’s go back for a second. When Cam Newton was playing for the Florida Gators, he was arrested for stealing another player’s laptop computer. The team decided to kick Cam off the team because of the arrest. Suddenly, Cam’s father is out pimping his son to the highest bidder. The NCAA does have evidence that Cecil (Cam’s father) was pimping him out to the highest bidder. The problem is they do not have evidence that connects Cam Newton or Auburn to the crime. Where was he when his father was pimping him?

Here’s where the situation takes on a life of its own. NCAA rules tell us the player is responsible if a family member is trying to get money for their services in the NCAA.“NCAA rules (Bylaw 12.3.3) do not allow individuals or entities to represent a prospective student-athlete for compensation to a school for an athletic scholarship.”( Cam Newton’s father was his representative in this situation and he was trying to get money for his services. Why did the NCAA rule Cam Newton eligible knowing this violation occurred? Cam Newton is the best player in college football and the NCAA likely wants him to win the Heisman Trophy. Everything else revolves around the Benjamin’s.

The NCAA does not want to lose their meal ticket during an otherwise down year for NCAA football. The economy is bad and spending for college sports is down. If Cam Newton is declared ineligible, Cam won’t be the only person who suffers from his father’s crime. All of college football will suffer. Who really wants a non BCS team like TCU playing in the BCS championship game? The ratings would suffer and the NCAA would lose a ton of money. This is why I believe Cam Newton is playing Saturday against South Carolina. Why should the NCAA lose millions of dollars when it was Cam Newton’s fathers fault and not Cam’s fault? None of really know if Cam knows anything about what his father did. It also looks like Auburn has no fault in this situation.

This is why Cam Newton should not win the Heisman Trophy this year. If I was a voter, I would not vote for him. Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy and he had to give it back this year even though he is in the NFL. Evidence was found to make Reggie Bush ineligible to play when he won the Heisman. Cam Newton is in the same situation as Reggie Bush. However, he does not have the trophy yet. What if Cam Newton was given the trophy this year and we found out later that he was involved in this situation. Technically (by NCAA rules) Cam Newton is already guilty for the sins of his father. What makes him any better than Reggie Bush. Follow the money. If Cam Newton does not finish playing for Auburn this year, too many people will lose too much money. If Cam Newton was not the best player in college football this year, he already would have been declared ineligible and kicked off the team. The problem is Cam Newton is the best player in college football and he means a lot of money to everybody involved. Two hundred thousand dollars is just peanuts when millions are at stake. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this mess unfolds.




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