Thursday, December 14

Top 5 Daily Deals Websites

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Clipping through weekly serials, chewing through magazines and newspapers only to find one precious deal that may or may not have expired – those days are over. These days with so many immediate updates, finding daily deals isn’t hard; you just have to know where to look. Read on to know the five best one deal a day websites.

1. Groupon: This site works with your local restaurants, bars, and other businesses to give you great deals via Facebook, Twitter and your e-mail. You can print vouchers or bring them up on your smartphones to get your daily deals. The deals are only activated once a certain number of people purchase them, which usually isn’t a problem when you’re talking about city-wide deals. Once you personalize your details, you can be sent the most relevant deals to your inboxes, and then start shopping.

2. LivingSocial: One deal a day is a similar idea on this site, but it could be even better. If you have already bought 1 deal of the day and then share it with your friends, at least three of whom buy it, you get the deal for free. How’s that for social networking?

3. DailySteals: If you’re looking for one deal a day on great electronics, this site is worth a visit. Some of their deals are so low that they’re practically free. It’s not uncommon to find one deal a day on this site for almost 90% off MSRP. Their rewards store is like the arcades from your youth that offer prizes when you redeem tickets – collect enough and get the flying helicopter, or the adult equivalent.

4. FatWallet: Their user forum is particularly helpful because readers post deals from all over the internet. They also use shopping bots, which search all across the internet to find the best deals.

5. Slickdeals:These guys also scour the internet for different deals ranging from electronics and food to clothing to music. They also have forums, but not just for deals – you can discuss sports, finance and technology and get a sense of what’s going on in these specific spheres.

If I’ve forgotten or overlooked any one deal a day websites let me know! There are always new deals cropping up, and the best way to know about them is to talk to and alert other deal masters.

Now that you have a good idea of how to deal hunt, get out there and start deal shopping. All it takes is a valid e-mail address, and the desire to be a master deal finder. Be careful though, you don’t want to start deal shopping too fast; you can really hurt your credit card that way.


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