Friday, December 15

A Celebrity-Worthy Dancing Gorilla Costume

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Dancing With The Stars always has some interesting costumes waltzing, jitter-bugging and cha-chaing across the polished hardwood floors. Usually the female dancers are wearing extremely revealing and sexy costumes that make on question – how does that slip of fabric even stay on?! However, on October 18, 2010, contestant Bristol Palin wore a dancing costume that was a bit more covered up – a gorilla suit!

During her fox-trot with partner Mark Ballast to “The Monkees” theme song, Bristol wore a specially designed monkey suit created by costume designer Randall Christensen. This was the type of gorilla suit that has been popular as a gag costume for so many years, like a life-sized gorilla mascot wearing a frothy, pink tutu. The furry suit was put together so that it could be torn off during mid-dance to reveal a coordinating cute, pink dress underneath. Her partner wore a matchy-matchy pants and vest outfit that was bedazzled with a sequined banana appliqué.

Even though it was Bristol’s birthday and Alaska Day, her dance came in dead last with 18 out of 30 available points– although she was not voted off by fans. During her review, the judges mentioned that she missed a few steps although they did giver her props for being enthusiastic and trying something new – I guess they were referring to the gorilla mascot costume.

While, I don’t know if we’d recommend dancing the night away in a gorilla Halloween costume (it might get unbearably hot), it is a fun way to go bananas at your next costume party or to play a practical joke on someone. Why not show up at the doorstep of a significant other wearing a campy gorilla costume and bearing some balloons and a bunch of bananas for a birthday celebration?! Gorilla costumes are also always a popular choice as mascots for sports teams – teams such as the University of Pittsburg, the Atlanta Silverbacks Soccer, the Amarillo Gorilla’s Hockey and of course, the NBA basketball team, the Phoenix Suns all have gorilla mascots.


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