Wednesday, December 13

Marriage Can Be Murder (At Fitzgeralds)

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Thanks to such interactive comedy hits like Tony and Tina’s Wedding, there’s always room in Sin City now for a play-along production involving the guests and expecting them to be drawn in in order to pull off a good show.

One of the longest running in Vegas has been the hit comedy-slash-suspense thriller, Marriage can be Murder. If you’re a fan of the old board game and hit movie Clue, then Marriage can be Murder is probably a great show to see.

It has that who-done-it feel going on, where some audience members will get to participate in the storyline, looking for the killer. This dinner show is suspenseful, funny and entertaining all rolled into one package.

The show takes place at the beautiful showroom at Fitzgeralds on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The showroom is designed to look more like a banquet room, with guests sitting down to enjoy dinner while playing along. It’s a legitimate dinner, with salads and entrees and even a dessert. The real show starts after eating.

However, as soon as you sit down, you’re immediately entertained by the evening’s host – the aptly named DD. Sometimes, DD is the archetype blonde, airheaded and aloof. At other times, she shows some flash of genius. It’s all an act, of course, to keep everyone at the table guessing as to her actual intent.

As DD goes around the table, she finds some volunteers and assigns roles in the show, like a pallbearer, a doctor, and other supporting roles in Marriage can be Murder. After assigning roles, the hostess hands out some game cards for the night, called “sleuth pads,” that guests can use like baseball scoring cards to keep up with the action.

Throughout the night, there will be four murders that take place. Your job is to pay attention to your surroundings, listen to the evidence, check out the characters’ motives, and write down who you think killed each victim and their subsequent motives.

Everything seems to be just starting when the first murder takes place. You’re informed that there has been a murder, and in comes a cop, Eric Post, to interrogate the guests. His style of dress resembles Lt. Dangle from Reno 911, so the guests immediately get a kick from this outlandish performance.

The cop and DD go back and forth with some banter, and the show progresses to the next murder. The best part about the show is that you can be as involved as you want, or you can choose just to watch it go down. It’s entirely up to you.

Over the course of the evening, various outlandish characters burst in and attempt to find the murderers. The comedy alone is worth the price of admission, and guests can definitely interject to create some spontaneous improvisation moments.

Marriage can be Murder is Las Vegas’ longest running dinner show for a reason. It’s hysterical and interactive. That’s a hard to beat combination.


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