Monday, December 18

Day to Day Humor – Finding Ways to Laugh at Life

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We describe God as omnipotent and omnipresent. Here we can gleefully consider the possibility of applying these two adjectives to humor.

While we are not very sure about the first adjective, it can be asserted that humor really heals so much that it has to be potent enough. We are very sure about the second one though. Humor is present everywhere and in any sphere of life.

The only constraint being your actual ability to laugh out. We take the audacity to help you find humor at every step of your life everyday and laugh all the way. Of course, we exclude from our purview the destructive souls indulging in horrible crimes and atrocity.

Existentially: Concentrate on the fact how insignificant you are. Think of the big planet earth, the solar system and then the universe with millions of huge stars-one star much bigger than our sun. With such limitless expanse around you and eternity hovering behind you and eternity lurking before you the question looming large as to who are you or what are you. How come you are roaming around in this earth with just a few thousand days to live and with all your petty motives or greed or lust; and then, vanish into what? Now, if you are still concentrating you are likely to lose your mind. So, not to fuss much about it. Just howl with merriment at your idiotic life. Better, think of the ants moving under your feet!

Personally: Physically you are a closed system with your particular anatomical or gastronomical details and though you are limitless at the mental level you have just no way to know what goes on in other closed systems or mind. You do not know at most times what is best to say or utter. Just a verbal slip and you face devastating reactions. You will have to go on learning your lessons and smiling a lot at every lesson learnt. You know any better thing to do than this?

Domestically: Your home is where perform most of your laughs of life since your childhood days and up to old age. The main places of laughter being the dining tables, the kitchen, the sitting or bedrooms and the social gatherings or functions or ceremonies. You may remember how often you made fun of your bitterly quarrelling parents and how often your boxing feats with other kids ended up in absolute celebration.

Romantically: Normally your romance begins with a smile or an exchange of sweet smiles that linger on for some time inevitably. When the sweet smiles grow into relationships you land up in more laughing territory. As is usual when there is trouble in your relationships you sit glum and neither of you are willing to initiate a settlement the stalemate is never bound to continue for a long time though. Something does interfere always. It could be a relative or guest who decides to pay an unexpected visit or it could be a television program both of you prefer to watch. More often than not hilarity follows every sentimental entanglement.

Officially: You unfold your official identity first at the schools, then at the colleges or other higher education institutes and then at the workplaces or offices. All these places abound in a rich assortment of unique characters with special behavioral or facial patterns or attributes. Principals, teachers and bosses are absolute objects of both admiration and amusement. If your principal squeezes your ears robustly you may squint with pain, but afterwards you laugh it out with mates dwelling particularly on the grotesque face of the principal due to the effort. When you boss scolds you freestyle you will definitely be grievously hurt if you are not at all guilty, but even then or otherwise you will be greatly amused to observe how rage creates havoc on his/her countenance. With colleagues it is altogether an exhilarating platform to interact, make merry and laugh out.

Quintessentially: That humor is omnipresent is more or less proved on a day to day basis of your precious life. Now, the question remains if it is omnipotent or not. That part of the riddle only you can prove. If you are just unable to crack your lips in favor of a smile or laughter join a laughter club and make it a habit of starting your day with physical laughter. Slowly humor is destined to replace the physical effort.


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