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Funny Life Quotes Sayings Provide a Modern Approach to Self Help

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As more and more of us feel the strain of living in a hectic society, we are turning to all sorts of remedies to try to ease that strain. Personal growth books are a huge business, and mental health professionals have more job security than ever before. Some of us choose therapies from the positive end of the spectrum, like alternative medicine, yoga, and massage. Unfortunately, others choose more destructive ways of medicating themselves with drugs, alcohol, and food.

Is Meditation a Religion?

It seems like everybody is trying to find help in one way or another, but the problem is that many healthy approaches take a considerable amount of time and money as well as a long-term commitment. Meditation at home is a simpler method of self help to use, but the problem with it is that a lot of people take it too seriously, or associate it with a particular religion. The truth is that meditation does not have to follow any set rules, and it can be tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

Funny Sayings used by Buddhists

A great option for meditation, believe it or not, is to focus on funny life quotes sayings! Like the koans used by Zen Buddhists, humorous or ironic statements and situations can bring enlightenment. Using humor to deal with stress and illness has long been documented as an effective technique. Also, people of different faiths have traditionally memorized verses of scripture for personal improvement. Why not combine these two ideas and meditate on funny life quotes?

Sources of Humor

There is a lot of wisdom and truth in funny quotes and jokes. Pick one a day at random to think about, or find one that applies to a special need you have at the time. These quotes can come from all different sources:

  • Your favorite comedians. It is said that humor comes from pain, and that many clowns are sad or angry inside. While this isn’t always the case, people often develop a sense of humor to cope with their personal life and then make a career of it. For this reason, many observations made by comedians resonate with other people who struggle. If you feel an affinity with particular comedians, and you seem to share the same perceptions of ridiculous life situations, their quotes can inspire you.
  • Greeting cards. There are some really funny greeting cards in the shops. Spend a few minutes in the humor section and read a few. It’s a lot of fun! If they make you laugh, buy a few for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, and you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t give them to someone.
  • Comic strips. Observations from “Dilbert” and “The Far Side” have gotten more than one person through a rough day! We find things funny when they are relevant to our own experience.
  • A funny book, TV program, or movie. Comedies are popular for a good reason. They take us outside of our problems.
  • Someone you know personally. Sometimes, a co-worker, friend, or stranger can say something that makes you laugh and gives you a different point of view on your problem. Some of the funniest quotes come from children! Try to write down funny things that you heard throughout your day.

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