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How to Find The Phoenix Theatre Stage Door

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The Phoenix Theatre is located on Charing Cross Road which is centrally located in the heart of Theatreland near to the bustling shopping district of Oxford Street and the bright lights of Leicester Square. The musical Blood Brothers has become the longest-running show at the Phoenix, being performed there continually since 1991, and it shows no signs of closing anytime soon. If you are planning on seeing Blood Brothers at the Phoenix, then it can be exciting to try and meet the cast at the stage door after a performance, as I did when Melanie C was playing the role of Mrs. Johnstone in the hit musical.

The Phoenix Theatre stage door is very easy to locate. When you leave the theatre, you will either exit on Charing Cross Road, the main entrance, or you will exit on Phoenix Street, which is a side entrance. The stage door itself is located at the back of the theatre, on Stacey Street. Upon exiting on Charing Cross Road, turn left until you come to Phoenix Street and the side entrance, and walk to the end of the street. Take another left into Stacey Street and walk to the end of the road until you come to a garage door. The stage door will be on your left.

In March 2010, my friend and I found the stage door by asking staff members who were extremely helpful, and we waited for around half an hour for Melanie C to exit after her fantastic performance in Blood Brothers. She signed autographs, took photos with everyone and chatted for a while before getting into a taxi. The other performers also exited at this door, but they came out before Melanie. It was worth the wait to see her though, and she was very friendly and had done a great performance that was worth congratulating her about!

Blood Brothers will continue to play at the Phoenix Theatre until at least November 2011, and the cast changes quite frequently. Currently playing the role of Mrs. Johnstone is Lyn Paul who previously played the character in 1997. Stephen Palfreman and Richard Reynard play twin brothers Mickey and Eddie, and Vivienne Carlyle performs as Mrs. Lyons with Philip Stewart as the humorous narrator. If you are keen to meet any of these actors then follow the directions to the stage door after the show to welcome them as they exit. Phoenix Theatre tickets are on sale now.


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