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2012 End of The Earth? End of Life? Are We Going to Die?

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Maya civilization, known for its advanced writing developed and flourished for centuries in Meso America between AD 300 – 900 AD. Its long count calendar resets to 0 after a 5126 years span at the date 21st December, 2012. It is considered to be the doomsday but also a complete fabrication for people to cash in.  Making money but for what? Earth is soon going to end, is it?


It is believed that on the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, first time in 26000 years. It surely means that whatever energy typically streams to earth from the centre of Milky Way will in deed disrupt on 21-12-2012 at 11:11 p.m. universal time.

Basically what is going to happen is that the energy from the sun received by the earth will increase many times. Because of which the solid crust of the earth will start breaking as that much amount of heat energy will shake the interiors of the earth. Here shake means that the pressure from inside will eventually increases many times. And as the crust will break the animals as well as the humans are going to get buried inside the hot molten earth. Also the water from the oceans will cover the entire landmass. As seen in the movie, the tsunami in India was as high as 3-5 kilometers (2.4 – 3.5 miles). So would have understood how disastrous it would be!


But is it really going to happen? The Mayan people at that time would even not know that the earth was round in shape. Then how did they predict this exact date and this universal disaster. So what’s the truth? Should we call 2012 an apocalypse. Nobody knows.


There is zero scientific evidence found regarding this topic until now. There are numerous such objects which are a threaten to mankind. Such as an alien attack or transformers (Descepticons) attacking the earth or a comet or asteroid strike. What now can be seen is that their may be a threaten to humanity from a global nuclear war, or water problems, or some epidemic, or global warming or hurricane, or earthquake, or tsunami. But here we are talking about a disaster for which we cannot do anything.

Mr. President Obama says: Although I would prefer new age enlightment, I can’t help but something terrible may occur and ancient civilization has left us coded warnings.


Can we take the risk? Can we leave the complete civilizations to vanish away? Can’t we take some steps? In the movie there were 4 big, really big ships capable of travelling beneath the oceans and with a 100,000 people capacity and carrying their food and other needs for almost a year. They had only a month to make them. But we have more than 2 years. What should we do? Do you have any other method to save the earth and humanity, any logic or any concept? Please do comment. The best one will be appreciated.


So what do you think 2012 to be-

·                     Is it nothing.
·                     Or end of the world as the Mayan calendar says.

·                     Any kind of spiritual awakening.

·                     Or some biblical rapture.

·                     Or some money making technique used by Hollywood directors and some newspapers and magazines company.


A request to you all, please leave your comments and suggest your methods to save the world if anything worse is going to happen. You will never get a chance after the END OF THE WORLD IN 2012. So do comment.

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