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And For Dinner, Human Flesh: The Berlin Flim

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A title like that can only make a sensation, because, let’s be honest, we’re all curious about the gory topics, from horror news! This is what is on leggeve Republic. Com.

They make us shudder, but at the same time we are attracted like flies to honey.

When this morning I received an e-mail highlighted this title: “And for dinner, human flesh: the Berlin Flim”, I thought it was a Solita taken for a ride that often hover in the Internet world.
Honestly though, despite what the thing I was curious and doing a Google search, here’s what appeared to me: x cannibal restaurant opens in Berlin | Home Egan 15 posts – 12 authors – Last post: 5 days ago
Among the controversy, opening a Brazilian restaurant in Berlin which will be … I have heard that human flesh is similar to that of the pig … He was right, in its way, I do not see the scandal, by the person who feeds……/berlino-apre-ristorante-cannibali/ – Copying cache

X cannibal restaurant opens in Berlin (page 2) | Vegan Home
10 posts – 9 authors – Last post: 3 days ago
Might be able to deprave the fact that > the milk … what would happen if they found that human flesh is > > good? ……/berlino-apre-ristorante…/pag2/ – Copia cache

In Berlin restaurant opens for cannibals? When the advertising …
August 31, 2010 … BERLIN – Open a restaurant in Berlin for cannibals. … Wari served dishes that traditionally use the human flesh. … – Copia cache

Voice – Berlin, opened the restaurant to cannibals
August 29, 2010 … Berlin – A restaurant serving a fine selection of dishes … rigorasamente all meat .. human! ……Berlino, apre il ristorante per cannibali – Copia cache

Localport news: “Ready to open a restaurant with human flesh …
August 27, 2010 … Berlin Opens a cannibal restaurant in Berlin. … Wari will be served dishes that traditionally use the human flesh. … … – Cached
Berlin opens restaurant for cannibals
3 posts – 3 authors – Last post: 5 days ago
A Berlino ristorante per cannibali Offrirà piatti a base di carne umana http://…Berlino-apre-ristorante… – Copia cache
Spinoza • View topic – Berlin: cannibal restaurant opens
50 post – 37 autori
The Brazilian restaurant is to offer human flesh. Transgenic. Berlin: cannibal restaurant opens. “What a leader of the Democratic Party have today?” … / viewtopic.php? f = 3 & t = 15370 … 0 – Copying cache

In Berlin a restaurant opens for cannibals – What happens – Forum
August 28, 2010 … In Berlin a restaurant opens for cannibals. The news is this is left horrified and dismayed. Will be used with lots of human flesh ……/a-berlino-apre-un-ristorante-per-cannibali- t1814671 / – Copying cache

And for dinner, human flesh: the Berlin Flim (rep)
27/08/2010 – 5.18 – The Brazilian restaurant in Berlin Flim – Open … open a restaurant of food cannibals based dishes of human flesh by the light of … Shock in Berlin in Brazilian restaurant will be served human flesh Of course not … / … / E-per-dinner-meat-to-Flim umana di Berlino – Copying cache

Deepening a little ‘research, several to find the source of this bizarre scoop: Blog Republic. com. At first glance, reading, it seems that the restaurant is served human flesh.
But it can be credible such a thing?
Absolutely not! The proof is in the same article that included links, one in particular, that the restaurant’s “case”:

And then translating the page, we discover the BUFFALO!

In realtà infatti nel sito si parla di 

In each piece of meat there is also a piece of man!

Ithe FLIM is an act of VEBU – Vegetarian Union Germany eV.

It ‘s a very harsh accusation against who eats meat, and deferring to the site

describes in detail the concept wrongly perceived by the masses. In reality, therefore, is nothing but a strong campaign by VEBU provegetarianismo
Campaign which finished his explanation with the words:

In each piece of meat there is also a piece of human

To protect the planet in a sustainable way and make our lives worth living, only a diet without meat, can make us say “We live in a society!”


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