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Qualcomm Promises Mobile Ps3 And Xbox360 Performance Soon

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According to Anandtech, next generation ARM Snapdragon SoCs (Systems on a Chip), the same chips that form the “heart” of your iPodiPad or Android smartphone , are expected to boast a x5 boost in overall performance, which would bring them on par with your PS3 or Xbox360. These chips will be multicore (2+ cores), of a 28nm architecture, and much more power efficient than current 45nm / 65nm ones.

Adreno 3xx generation is scheduled for the 2011 – 2013 timeframe.
This rendering by Qualcomm demonstrates concisely all three Adreno generations and their relative performance
to various popular devices:

   Picture source

These predictions, if fulfilled, would make current Atom chipsets, even the ones paired with ION, to pale in comparison. There is no clear date as to when exactly Qualcomm will start delivering the chips, nor any talk about frequencies yet.
My guess is 2011 Q2. These chipsets are set to be implemented in everything up to netbooks, though their primary target devices will be high-end smartphones and tablets, for example the 2nd gen iPad.

Image via CrunchBase

It will be fascinating to have all this horsepower in your pocket, yet much of it would go wasted without the appropriate operating system and some killer applications to run on top of it. So what is now to be expected from the OS engineers, programmers and developers, is to optimise the next version of Android, iOS and Meego with some new fine code that fully takes advantage of this family of chips.  

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