Wednesday, December 13

Why Your Mother Complains That Your Driving is Bad

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are driving and your mother complains that your driving is bad? Or have you ever sat at the passenger seat and always criticized the driver for driving rash? Have you almost jumped out of your skin when you are sitting behind your friend on a scooter and he decides to go on a road-rampage?

Well, look no further. It’s not the driver’s fault. Your mind is tricking you.

The human mind is a very powerful object. The ability of a mind to perceive things is amazing. What your opinion is about something can be an exactly contradicting opinion to another person.

The reason is very psychological actually.

When you are not driving, you tend to be more scared or more paranoid about the surroundings. Ever noticed that when you are in the passenger seat, you suddenly find the vehicle’s speed way too high. Even if you know that the most experienced of drivers are driving you, you still get scared of the situation.

You may drive the toughest of roads as long as you drive. But you won’t trust another person in the driver’s seat however experienced and good the other driver is or however good and safe the roads are.

This is because your mind constantly reminds you that you are not in control of things. You are not in control of the situation. And the fact that you are not in control and are not capable of changing things to ensure your survival scares you further. The feeling of helplessness in this situation is what scares you the most about the whole thing. You tend to think that other drivers are rash and completely reckless.

When you are in control of the situation, your brain sends out a message to you saying that you are in control and to ensure your survival you may make changes to the situation. Ever noticed that whenever you are in control of your vehicle, you tend to drive more confidently? You tend to speed up at times, make dangerous turns, drive rash, make close calls and more. Your brain gives you a message that in the nick of time, it will make things work for you and you can be saved from anything. This confidence gives you an edge and makes you drive more confidently.

So the next time your mother complains about your driving, reassure her that you have everything “under control”.


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