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Getting a Smart Pop Up Spam Blocker?

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When you navigate online, there are many pop up windows that open suddenly, interrupting your activity. The choice of the pop up spam blocker can be problematic if we consider the fact that there are good pop ups too. For instance, most large pictures that you may try to access online, open in the form of pop up windows. If you know how to operate with the pop up spam blocker, you should be able to choose the settings that interest you so that you can be protected but also get to see the pop up windows that have relevance for you.

Normally all anti-spam tools that include a pop up spam blocker feature have detailed instructions about how to set the functions of the program at a convenient level. The main goal of the software is in fact to prevent advertisements to open. Some pop ups make web navigation possible while others become a real pest you can’t get rid of. And here is where the difficulty of designing a generally valid pop up spam blocker comes from. How can the software decide which pop ups are good and which are bad? Hard to tell and almost impossible to achieve in terms of present-day technology.

A good idea is to get a tool that can learn while you navigate online. With a smart pop up spam blocker, the web user should be able to close the pop up windows he/she does not want to view. On the basis of such choices a block list feature will be generated and, with the constant use of the program, you come across pop-ups less and less frequently. The blocking options are possible by choosing a limit on the number of open windows, a block list with keywords or by selecting an 100% pop up blocking mode. Moreover, some pop up spam blocker programs incorporate privacy protection technologies that protect you from proxy settings and home page resetting.

It is advisable to get a pop up spam blocker that enables both automatic and manual settings. In order to control the closing or opening of certain programs, you may unlock the setting or access the tool menu to set the new feature. Pop-up ads are also blocked by using Google and Yahoo toolbars. As long as the features are active and you use the web browser in question, you get protection.

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