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Buying Spam Blocker Program? Think Again!

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Intensely advertised online, Spam Blocker Utility has duped many web users into downloading and registration, only to prove inefficient and behave maliciously afterwards. It is a reality of work on the Internet that the alleviation of spam messages is high in demand. Everyone seeks a good spam blocker utility, preferably for free. Spam Blocker Utility, with capital letters, is a product that claims to be compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express. Yet, it does not work as planned, and the user gets the computer infected with other malicious programs that change browser settings and open pop ups.

Spam Blocker Utility has been exposed by many users as a big scam, and the ‘official’ website of the designing company is considered part of the scheme too. The very name gets many computer users’ attention convincing them that they will put an end to pestering unsolicited messages. The tool is advertised as jam packed with features providing an Internet toolbar, email background, emoticons, updated info on weather and lots more. But you get more annoyance than help. The Spam Blocker Utility was created by Hotbar, a company that has been the subject of many debates in online forums.

A first proof of the fact that Spam Blocker Utility may not rise up to your expectations is the large number of uninstall requests. This clearly points out to the fact that this so called spam blocker utility cannot be uninstalled by the regular add and remove button. Files that cannot be deleted and the impossibility to uninstall normally characterize malware. The scheme has been exposed and there are public online instructions available for anyone who attempts the removal of Spam Blocker Utility without success.

The manual removal instructions for Spam Blocker Utility should be followed carefully, with the mention that you should create some form of system backup before you modify anything. Malevolent software programs or malware can often cause serious system damage on the computer when advanced removal gets initiated. The removal information is free and anyone can perform it by following the step by step instructions. With this case of faulty spam blocker utility, we are warned once more to be carefully where we shop online and what products we choose.

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