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Is or Isn't a Message Spam?

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Is or isn’t a message spam? This is how a spam filter test works. Who needs a spam filter test? Web developers that depend on email marketing campaigns are the first interested in knowing whether their newsletters have any chances of passing an over zealous anti-spam program. There are several ways to test a web marketing campaign against spam filters. Here are a few tips to put into practice.

The spam features in a newsletter are easy to identify if you have a mailing list software that generates the messages. With some modern programs, the feature is included, while you need registration for others. The help documentation of an email blaster should help you identify the spam filter test application. Guidance is still valuable even if the testing mechanism is not the latest available.

The spam filter test variants include reports on headers as well as spam scoring details. You can find information about how to perform the test for Outlook and Outlook Express online. The evaluation and anti-spam programs represent other challenges and issues to consider when attempting a spam filter test. Let’s see how such a test can be useful from the other perspective, as an anti-spam tool.

As lots of experts have pointed out, a good anti-spam tool is not the one that blocks as many emails as possible, but rather one that is capable of making the difference between real spam and legitimate emails that sometimes get treated like spam. A spam filter test should provide a statistical report on the number of real threats detected and the legitimate mails blocked. Software designers thus aim to train programs to learn how to avoid such mistakes.

The spam filter test has to be performed with an email that is unfamiliar for the program, and not with one used in the training procedure. If during training, the same email address has been used, the spam filter test results will be unrealistic or inconclusive. If an improved technology is implemented starting from the many types of spam filter test experiments, the future of the Internet communication may have zero spam.

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