Monday, December 11

8 Tips For Initiating The Sales Strategies

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8 tips for initiating the sales strategies

  1. A  -X- company  was founded in late 1991, having as main activity the distribution of cosmetics for both women and men by selling retail and wholesale in stores around the country.

  2. My  work is based on four key elements of marketing mix: product looked like a set of tangible and intangible attributes that meet a specific need.

  3. The basic principle in this case, supported by firm, is getting a product from very good to excellent, because “the companies that manufacture a product will mean an average result” Price as an expression of monetary value or utility of goods;

  4. Placement is defined channels, distribution networks and circuits of the products, go on the principle of efficiency obtained fast and precise operation in terms of production, distribution and after-sale service (warranty). Promoting seen as communication with the outside firm.

  5. For me, promotion is the chain that connects the other elements of the mix, and to gain a competitive product, the marketing department must adopt a strategy to propel the idea to the highest level of importance and profitability, but we need good ideas entrepreneurs and efficient employees, the bored and boring lead to a considerable setback.

  6.  –X- company aims to meet market demands, know the news from the field to win the competition. Like other firms has a number of objectives such as: sales growth, innovation, profitability, market share growth, formation of a reputation.

  7. The company aims to increase the number of model systems to satisfy all customers’ preferences, improve manufacturing technology in the future to create new branches in other cities in the country and perhaps abroad.

  8. As I said, the most important part of our activity is manufacturing and selling cosmetics company hoping soon to become the leader on the Romanian market of these products, and why not on the national market.


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