Friday, December 15

7 Ways to Advertise

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  1. Selection principle arguments: the effect of an action is conditioned by advertising that features the product / service, the most persuasive to trigger the act of buying; any product or service has features that can serve as arguments in an action advertising.

  2. Convergence principle means: the harmonious combination of all possible means to ensure the best argument  the enhancement of advertising, how advertising exposure argument chosen to be adapted so each middle part and the target audience to action advertising.

  3. The principle of uniformity of advertising: advertising, can be adapted to the specificities of each potential customer, advertising action should be designed so as to act upon typical consumer categories, neglecting atypical category.

  4. Advertising pose a risk to consumers: consumers should be protected from sellers who have good intentions and are ready to sell everything at any price.

  5. Advertising can interfere with the workings of the game competition: misleading or false advertising may mislead consumers about the qualities of products or services offered by different vendors or service providers.

  6. Advertising can affect our type of consumer: ~ Can cause us to consume more than we need;  ~ Can encourage the adoption of behaviors that are not compatible with sustainable development by promoting products manufacturing waste by promoting products or services or harmful to the environment.

  7. Advertising actions must comply with specific requirements: decency: advertisements should not contain statements written / oral / visual representations that might violate the moral principles of society, loyalty: will follow by strong advertising consumer confidence through public advertisement content; truth: avoiding exaggerations, concerning the quality / performance characteristics, use the advantages it would have by using consumer goods, which are advertised.


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