Monday, December 18

Boredom is The Enemy to Success

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  Boredom will eat away at your persistence and resolve. No one can do the same job, requiring the same tasks, with perpetual interest and enthusiasm.

   When evaluating a job opportunity, don’t just worry about the salary and workload: how much variety there is in the tasks you’ll perform.

   Loren Schultz has spent forty-five years running companies and riding the wave of technology in data management.

   Some of his ideas have worked spectacularly well, and some have fizzled out, overtaken by something better. “Everything we’ve done is based on someone having a new idea and pursuing it. “Loren says.

    He no longer starts companies from scratch. Rather, he now uses his vast experience to run a business incubator, which provides office space, consulting and capital to new businesses. What Loren loves is taking everything he’s learned and using it to help newborn companies grow. “Every day is a different adventure. I am like the grandfather around here. I am not in charge of anything, but I am available to talk about anything. I’ve got a lot of experience, so why not share it with people? and the best part of working with all these different companies is, it’s fun.

    Low variety jobs produce twice as much employee turnover and three times less job satisfaction than high variety jobs.

Melnarik 1999


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