Friday, December 15

A Guide to Finding Your True Friend

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please proceed to read if and only if you are interested in friendship n interested in finding their true friend…other may please close this tab…:P.

FRIEND…….what does this word mean? like every person has his or her point of view similarly if the same question is asked to different people then you are sure to obtain different answers………like if you happen to ask this question to a child you would obviously hear something like “he give me toy so he friend”……or may be “she give me chocolate so very good friend”……if the same is asked to a say about ten year old you can expect a “we both are football friends”……or “he call me his home to see Spider-man so he my friend”……if the same question were posed to a teen he would promptly say “he treated me to an Ice-cream at The ice-cream parlor” or may be a “he helped me copy in the history test”…..or may be “she gave me the most expensive watch / necklace in town”……like teens have such diverse thinking tracks….which would explain why one can get such diverse answers from them……if the same were asked to an office going person he would hurriedly answer “he suggested my presentation to the boss so he is my best friend”………………and so on and so forth …like i mean i could actually go on whole day writing all the most obvious answers that one would receive if he were asked that question…….but generally as we grow up like we pass childhood, teenage n similarly all the seven stages of a mans life SEVEN STAGES OF A MAN” by the all famous SHAKESPEARE”> we actually start becoming familiar to how this good turned bad world ,were people have set “SELF-BENEFITS” as a criterion for the natural process of making or to be more precise and relevant to to days world SELECTING friends on daily basis.

Yes, i do agree that the now popular line, “Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken egg”. is true and that if we do not run fast enough we will surely not be able to catch up with this swiftly moving world but that surely does not mean that we as humans forget our roots…..i.e. MORALS and also the power toDISTINGUISH BETWEEN RIGHT & WRONG………we must realize the FACT that self benefits,money,looks and other trivial things do not , in any way, effect the process of making friends…..because FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP are something divine and far superior to be effected by such petty things……in fact it is up to the person to decide whether or not he will let himself be affected by such thing or he will keep clean and enjoy life as he would, take my word on this, have true friends…….because in to days world having a true friend is really or in particular to find a true friend is really Gargantuan task… for all those readers who are thinking how they are going to recognize which one of their friends is a true friend or for those who think they are sure and can point out to me who they THINK is their true friend but are now a little unsure after reading my article there is a little secret i have for you all…..i am a student appearing for my tenth grade board examination in this year…so u might have already guessed that i am about fourteen to fifteen years old and in all the years i have spend in this world i have analyzed situations from my life and have managed to frame the summary of the same in the form of an equation                                                                                                     YOU in problem + YOUR FRIEND helping you = YOU out of problem + TRUE FRIEND + PROBLEM↑.………….this equation is right in all aspects ……………..i hope i have been successful in breaking down such a tough problem of recognizing a TRUE FRIEND….and now all you have to do is that apply this equation to your lives and see the change….i know exactly what you must be thinking now….that its very easy for me to say that “hey why don’t you apply that equation today morning so that by evening you you will have at least a few TRUE FRIENDS“…but not its not that way….see it might actually take sum time for you to solve this equation and have the name of YOUR TRUE FRIEND and yes this “sum time ” i mentioned may differ diversely from person to person but one must be patient ……like see i must be frank…..i started this endless hunt may years ago and now have i been able to frame this equation and even after implementing this equation i can still say that i have not yet found my TRUE friend…….but yes i can assure you i will find my TRUE friend very soon ………if and only if i be patient and search with a pure heart.


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