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How to Set Your Computer Screen’s Resolution?

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Take it from somebody who spends many hours in front of a computer: Customizing your desktop pays off in increased productivity as well as decreased eyestrain.

1. Choose Start➪Control Panel➪Appearance and Personalization and click the Adjust Screen Resolution link.

2. In the resulting Screen Resolution window, click the arrow to the right of the Resolution field.

3. Use the slider  to select a higher or lower resolution. You can also change the orientation of your display by making a choice in the Orientation drop-down list.

4. Click OK to accept the new screen resolution.

Higher resolutions, such as 1400 x 1250, produce smaller, crisper images. Lower resolutions, such as 800 x 600, produce larger,somewhat jagged images. The upside of higher resolution is that more fits on your screen; the downside is that words and graphics can be hard to see.

The Advanced Settings link in the Screen Resolution dialog box displays another dialog box where you can work with color management and monitor settings.

Remember that you can also use your View settings in most software programs to get a larger or smaller view of your documents without having to change your screen’s resolution.

Change the Desktop Background

1. Right-click the desktop and choose Personalize from the shortcut menu.

2. In the resulting Personalization window, click the Desktop Background link to display the Desktop
Background dialog box.

3. Select a category of desktop background options from the Picture Location list box and then click the image preview you want to use. The background is previewed on your desktop.

4. Click Save Changes to apply the settings and close the dialog box.

If you apply a desktop theme (see the next task), you overwrite whatever desktop settings you’ve made in this task. If you apply a desktop theme and then go back and make desktop settings, you replace the theme’s settings. However, making changes is easy and keeps your desktop interesting, so play around with themes and desktop backgrounds all you like! If you make settings you like, you can save those settings as a custom theme so you can  apply them again at any time by clicking the Save As button in the Theme Settings dialog box.


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