Monday, December 18

G-Spot The Hidden Delight Spot of a Woman

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Many men are wondered where to find the very pleasurable site to stimulate his woman during coitus or the art of love making. This has never been a secret for making your woman experience such sexual responses however mixing the “Love” and “Lust” that involves emotions can be a pleasurable one and techniques.

There’s a spot that you can make your woman feel intense and the answer is finding her g-spot. The G-spot which is scientifically called the Gräfenberg Spot which gives your woman an intense pleasure and orgasm.

The G-spot is located somewhere two (2) to three (3) inches inside the vagina and it feels like a sponge, when felt inside using your fingers. In this way you can stimulate your woman intensively and be reminded of the “foreplay” before you do anything else. Also, the clitoris is an essential part of the woman’s “delight” spot; it is located above the entrance of the vagina, like a peanut or button shape. Don’t forget her nipples too; located at her breast to be stimulated as well.

Pleasuring a woman takes time and patience, communicate to get the reaction and feel that both of you want to achieve. Making love is not a skill and comes naturally as an instinct but to have this as a skill will definitely bring the best in you, on bed of course.   


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