Friday, December 15

The Football Game Guideline

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The Basics:

You need to know these it’ll help boost your confidence in playing with other people on the pitch

The Pass:

It’s a strong tap on the ball into the direction of the intented or closest player to you if he recieves the ball then that’s a pass, a pass is a good foundation on kicks and lobs and throughs, basically it’s an essential

You’ll need to use the inside of your foot for maximum accuracy although not that strong (It’s better to be safe rather than to be sorry)

The Kick:

This is like a pass but instead of using the inside of your foot, you’ll be using your instep or your big toe for an optimum chance of getting a curve past the goalie and into the goal.

You’ll need to build ball control to get the correct aim down to control the ball’s spinning so you can make it curve and make it not curve, almost like magic haha!

 The “Kicking” Essentials:

  You’ll be needing ball control to recieve and to keep the ball from the defenders

  Also you’ll need stamina to be able to run across half the pitch and past those defenders

  Lastly you’ll be needing a nice finish for perfect execution and curve

The Through-pass and Lob pass:

These are a cross between passes and kicks the differences though are,

Accuracy, Perfect Timing, Perfect Height for the ball and of course Ball Control

The Lob:

Also known as the high-pass this pass is essential for Defenders and Strikers because you need to get the ball over the opposing team and to your striker and if your opposing goalie is big just lob it over him and into the goal

Lob Essentials:

You will have to master passing and kicking, and you will have to know how to make the ball “Fly”, You’ll also need good timing and precision

Do’s and Dont’s of the Lob:

Don’t use your instep, you dont want to give the ball a curve cause the Lob is a straight-forward flight

You need to have a ready player to recieve the pass, the last thing you want is a throw-in for the opposing team

The Through Pass:

It’s basically a pass to the open space infront of recieveing player so he won’t have to stop to recieve the ball

Through Essentials:

You ought to master timing and accuracy and of course passing, like I said it’s the foundation of almost every sort of foot contact there is in this game.

Do’s and Dont’s of the Through:

Don’t ever use your toe cause it will send the ball FLYING  into eternity

Never use a through inside the penalty box, cause that will give the keeper a chance of getting the ball!

Only do this when there is a free space infront of the intented reciever

Never do this when it is on your side of the field (First things first, get the ball as far away as possible from your team’s goal)

Now that you’ve got the basics down, I’ll be posting some guidelines for Goal Keepers and a Training Plan 🙂

Thanks and I hope I helped

Coming soon!

Cycling Training plan and How to pick out your first Bike 🙂

Also some running tips


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