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Where is The Best Place to Celebrate Your Birthday?

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bars, restaurants, disco, hotel or home? there are many places you can celebrate your to choose and why?

what are the options and how should we decide? what factors are important?

before you plan your birthday party no matter how you feel that you are still young it is so important that how old you are. I don’t mean to say if you are 70 or 95 you shall celebrate your birthday in descent boring places and by this I don’t mean that age is the most important thing to decide on where to celebrate it. well but ofcourse it makes sence that if you are 60 or 70 you defenetly can’t celebrate your birthday in the kindergarten put the babies hats and sing stupid kiddish songs!

another important matter is that how many people you are going to invite and who are they. their relationship to you is even more imporatnt than their age. for example you can’t or it is not so convinent to invite your boss to a birthday in a karoke where every one does funny things that only friends can this occasion i suggest a more descent place or better option why on earth should you invite your boss to the birthday.with a big group of freinds maybe it is a good idea to go to a bar or more public place on the other hand with your family maybe home is the best option or a picnic in the park or by the sea with your loved one will do the trick!

Next thing you shall see is the budget you are willing to pay to organize your birthday.there are many companies which will organize a birthday. However I am sure that if celebrating your one year old first child’s birthday is not the point being so happy and proud to pay some one to organize your birthday is pointless.

there are many restaurants and bars which you can call and ask them to book a big table or the backroom for you to celebrate your birthday.most of them don’t even ask you to pay extra but you sall book the place a bit ahead.

with the grow of social networking you can even celebrate your birthday can chat with your friends answer their birthday wishes and even run a video conference with them.

in general these are the places I found interesting to celebrate a birthday please give me your ideas on this subject before my birthday on dec the 10th:

restaurant, disco, karoke, bar, public park, beach, barbicue in the garden, home, hotel, roof, by the pool, with class mates at university or school, with colleagues at working place, in an amusment park.


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