Tuesday, December 12

Success is Formula, Not Fantasy

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     Watch a movie or a TV show, and see what makes people successful and happy. It is usually some almost magical quality or event.

      In real life, the man’s difference between people who achieved and people who do not isn’t as exciting or mysterious, but it is as important. It is simply conscientiousness. People who approach things with order, common sense, consistency, and persistence will ultimately succeed.

      In the early 1950’s Lillian Vernon spent five hundred dollar on her first advertisement. She offered monogrammed belts and handbags, and when she was finished filling the first round of orders, she had made thirty-two thousand dollars in profits.

      From her first successful ad to fifty years later, Lillian Vernon has been selling household items and gifts and steadily expanding her sales. Her company now generates more than two hundred fifty million dollars in sales every year and is one of the fifty largest companies owned by a woman in the United States.

      Lillian met with her share of skeptics: “There were naysayers along the way, but I couldn’t be defeated. Because all it really takes is common sense intelligence and hard work, “Which for the seventy -one year old businesswoman still means a six-day work week.

       In a study of recent business school graduates, employee conscientiousness was five times more likely to predict supervisor satisfaction than was employee intelligence.

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