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Nursing Career Checklist

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Is nursing career for you? Well, this is the most well-known career that everybody wants to pursue disregarding the fact that Nurses earns a lot abroad. I would like to share with you the stages in taking up and finishing a Nursing course from the beginning of college ‘till reaching the goal. Nursing is a four (4) year course and under the field of medicine.

Here is the checklist for becoming a Nurse:

1.              Enroll and finish the requirements where you are taking up the Nursing course. It will take you four (4) years to finish the course although there are schools for second coursers that will took only two (2) years.

2.              Review and take the board exam – This will be a test of the knowledge you acquired and a need to pass this exam in order to have the license as Registered Nurse or RN.

3.              IV therapy – A prerequisite to have for your career, you can have this training on Hospitals.

4.              Determine your field of Interest or specialization or options – This will prepare you of what you want to experience and the pay e.g. ICU Nurse, ER Nurse, etc.

5.              Volunteer job – Apply for volunteer on a Hospital and will took you six (6) months to finish without pay and you even have to pay the Hospital.

6.              Casual job – Once completed the Volunteer’s stage you may be hired as a Casual on a Hospital for six (6) months then be promoted as a regular employee.

7.              Work experience two (2) years (if you want to go abroad) – a work experience of at least two (2) years is needed for you to go abroad or work to be a clinical instructor (CI) on a University or institution.

Usual countries that hire first time Nurses to work abroad:

1.       Saudi Arabia

2.       Singapore

3.       Canada

4.       You may search on the Net for other countries.

Passion and perseverance plays a big role to finish a course or career. Anyway, just remember that you must not pursue a career if your heart doesn’t intend to you must know what you want best and excel. It is not the money that always matter in a given course/career as long as you love it.

This article is dedicated to “The Nurse is the Engineer’s Best Friend”…


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