Tuesday, December 12

The Future

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We already know that from the vacuum tubes that were like sizes of a room totransistors that chages allot not just in computers but also in electronic products and the like to a much smaller IC’s.

As of today, the era of microprocessors, that have the speed of lightning when it comes to performing task, which we humans can’t do, came to a possibility. But, humans never stop advancing. They thirst for something more. They want machines that are faster than the blink of the eye. As they use their methods of improving capabilities of technologies, mother nature is being forced little by little to surrender itself. 

As we advanced, so as our life and our kind of living. Fifty to one hundred years from now, computers were not just for fun and research anymore. Someday it will be installed in a car or in the airplane, even in a spaceship, in homes, everywhere we want it to be — which we are observing by now in a different aspect. Why? It is because computers hundreds of years from now will function just like humans. It is not impossible for us to achieved this kind of advancements. I envisioned that it will think just like machines. I even expected that someday it will soon takeover the jobs of the people like the policemen, managers, supervisors, and many more. I also expected that these machines will take over the lives of the humans.

Humans, hundred years from now, will be dependent in computers — computers that are more precise in the direction and more briliant than of humans.

We are the ones who created machines, but how could it be more knowlegeable than us? Well, the answer is simple. Since they are more perfect than us, we became more dependent and we even entrust  to them our own lives. We then become more foolish. We are becoming more and more lazy. We allow ourselves to become slaves of machines.

Will you allow yourself to be like them? Ask yourself. Reflect on whatever purpose that you have been created to be born in this world.

Think about it.


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