Thursday, December 14

15 Tips For Safe Driving!!

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  1. Always drive in appropriate lane.

  2. Do not overtake from wrong side.

  3. Keep comfortable distance from vehicles ahead so that in case of sudden/abrupt breaking you do not ram into them.

  4. Do not stop engine while driving, it may lock the steering.

  5. Always use the seat belt. It is for your safety.

  6. Don’t use mobile while driving, in case if you have to attend or make a call stop your vehicle on the sideway.

  7. Many times we bear the brunt of other’s mistakes hence always think that other drivers are stupid in car driving, then there are chances that you will not be victim of others folly. It may look strange but this kind of thinking will make you to be cautious and alert; and you will also drive at controllable speed.

  8. Never break traffic rules.

  9. Always keep first aid kit and necessary documents in your car.

  10. While driving in night when vehicles from other side are approaching you it is always advisable to switch over to low beam head light. It has been observed that many of us don’t care about it even though we have experienced the difficulty many times. High beam light from the vehicles coming from opposite side make us blind for 2-3 seconds and chances are there that after crossing that vehicle suddenly if a obstacle comes we will not be able to see and will ram into it.

  11. Keep giving a glance to rear view mirror very frequently.

  12. Don’t drink and drive (No drinking at all is much better option!!!).

  13. Driving may be a fun but don’t make this fun with others. The cost of this fun may be your life or other’s lives.

  14. Keep your vehicle fit and regularly check its breaks, clutch, accelerator etc. Your vehicles fitness is as important as yours (The same car which takes you to your destination may lend you in a hospital or to Nowhere!! Just remember scene of a horror movie when a girl’s car breaks down in a dark rainy night in the middle of a jungle and predator is after her!!!)

  15. A machine is always a machine so apart from applying clutch and breaks,  keep applying your brain!!


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