Saturday, December 16

Blood, Death, Despair, War, Without Battlefield.

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The world who accompanied that dramatic invasion of the town of the cruise and of German’s compound was moved, and it twisted for end, in spite of  the trafficker’s resistance, the police received 800 soldiers’ of the Brigade of Infantaria Paraquedista of  the army reinforcement, 300 agents of  the Federal Police (PF) and 1,3 thousand men of the military police and Civilian Shielded of the Army and of the Navy mobilized in the for operation in Rio of January. where the invasion was invincible and the traffickers’ defeat came soon on time.

I won’t blame the government from Rio of January for having let to arrived that war point, more it arrived and it was sad and  received  and it spilled a lot of tears and blood also.

City of Rio of January, the city with their tourist point where it received thousands of tourist, always than stained the wonderful city known in the world, it was the existent criminality in the  slums, the daring got to pass of  the unacceptable limits for the safety’s secretary publishes of Rio of January, cars were taken and burned for the traffickers the slums, and like this the government of the state Sérgio Cabral gave order to invade where had  the  support of the Exercise Navy and  police Federal, with the support of the  armored car they will invade together the town of the cruise defeating the  the traffickers’, where they fled for  German’s neighboring slum compound,  and it police her together it was to put and order, and the competent  authorities.

the invasion was well  happened, with  the traffickers’ resistance that a lot preferred the  death of  what to be arrested, blood was spilled bodies were  found llen in the ground, plus, many residents that lost somebody during the shooting ties today they cry and they will continue crying for good time.

At an end of that whole violence there were  37 died and many hurt, more the flag of the  erect  of the traffickers’ was lowered and the flag of the peace was raised in the high of the  hill,  showing that the traffickers were dominated.

Today the residents thank to the police for having expelled the trafficker that dominated that slum, today the freedom and the peace reigns.


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