Sunday, December 17

Above The Clouds

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On Sunday 10thOctober, I took off from Birmingham International Airport on the first leg of my dream holiday to Italy, yet before I was to even see Italy , I was to experience something so amazing that in itself  was something bordering on a religious experience.

It started with exhilaration as the plane left the runway, as we climbed on into the sky, I looked down over my local area and realised what a beautiful part of the country I live in.  It was as though I was looking down on a patchwork quilt of the browns and golds and greens of fields in different stages of the agricultural cycle:- some ploughed ready for planting, some ripened ready for harvesting and some lush in growth all these broken with the thin threads and patches of golden threads of the waterways, canals, rivers and lakes.

Now we were up through the first wispy clouds like candy-floss, climbing on till we were above the clouds and my heart sang! It was so beautiful, the brightest blue sky and what seemed like a carpet of cotton-wool.  It was mesmerising to float over these vast fields of marshmallow – how trivial that cause for such pleasure was to seem in a short while.

Suddenly, there were intrusions through that beautiful blanket as we reached the Alps.  At first just a few craggy peaks tore open the perfect whiteness, but soon, oh wow!!! great, majestic monuments to God’s glory were surrounding us, leaving me awestruck as I looked over these immense creations capped with snow, with little lakes and glacial falls. I had never been so moved by nature. Indeed, my first reaction was to send out a prayer of praise to God, the Creator, in admiration of His handiwork.  It was an experience I would not have missed for anything.


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