Monday, December 11

6 Answers For What Dog Breed is Good to Grow up With a Newborn Baby

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             6  Answers for what dog breed is good to grow up with a newborn  baby

  1. Boston Terriers are very low maintance with grooming and amazing family dogs. We have a Boston Terrier and he’s just so amazing however we don’t have any kids but when kids come around he listens great and just loves to play with them and cuddle on them. Yes he loves to cuddle. Our niece and nephew came to stay with us for a week from out of state and they would say commands and he’d listen no problem. They really are great family dogs.

  2. Labs. They fit all of your criteria AND they have a high pain tolerance witch is good for little kids because they can pat the dog, Pull its hair ( little kids do this) and the dog wont bite. It mostly wont evan care! You would probably want to get the dog first so it is an adult by the time you bring in the baby. Lab adults are calmer than Lab puppies

  3. Golden retrivers are friendly and so is my chihuahua mix breed. but dont go with a pure bred chihuhua b/c they are loud and will disturb thebaby. mix breed chihuahuas are also more calm and would live longer b/c chihuahuas live to be 20+. i think its nice to have a small dog, but if thats not for you then go with a Golden Retriver.

  4. Truly, I don’t. I know it sounds ideal, baby and puppy, but to be honest, new mums have quite enough to deal with, usually, without bringing a puppy into the mix, who in reality, is just another baby, and maybe even more demanding. I’d wait until your child is at least 5, by which time he/she will be up on their feet. Puppies will have accidents, and you really don’t need a baby crawling around the floor!! And with respect, babies don’t know a puppy is a living being and can, when not supervised totally, pull ears, tug tails and so on. And puppies are not active and calm, any breed!

Wait – when your child is older, he can join in looking after the puppy which would be far better.

  1. Newfoundland! They are truly the best family dog and will watch after the baby protectively. They are gentle, sweet, and instinctively save people. They are used as rescue dogs. Whenever anybody is swimming, they patrol around the pool, watching and waiting to save someone from drowning. If you are at the beach and a child is in the water, they stand between the child and the deep water. They are great dogs, however…….

  2. No dog at all. Parents should not buy a dog for a child under 7 years of age.Sorry but that’s my view.on the subject. When the time comes to buy the dog a Whippet, a Maltese terrier,J/Russell Terrier make lovely pets.

Good luck


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