Monday, December 11

Macbook Air Mini? Five Possible Future Apple Products

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With the release of the MacBook Air and the iPad, Apple has been pushing the limits of putting big technology in small packages. Here are five possible future Apple products coming to an Apple Store near you.

MacBook Air Mini
With the big demand of the iPad and the rabid following of the MacBook Air, it may be possible that Apple will try to combine the small size of the iPad with the keyboard capabilities of the MacBook Air. The possible MacBook Air Mini can feature a 9 inch touch screen with a slide out keyboard. The entire laptop could weigh less than one pound.

iPod Touch with Keyboard
As you may know, Apple love to take one great idea and try to translate it to as many of its products as possible. One of the biggest gripes about Apple’s iPhone is that it doesn’t have a keyboard like Blackberry. Look for Apple to release an iPod Touch with a sliding keyboard that will create a “mini laptop.”

iPad Air
The iPad is light and portable but that won’t stop Apple and Steve Jobs from trying to push the limits as to how small and light they can make any of their products. Look for Apple to create an “Air” version of their iPad that may feature an iPad that weights under one pound. A full five to six ounces less than the current iPad.

iPod Nano Wi-Fi
The iPod Nano has found its second life as a watch as many companies are now creating wristbands for the music player. Look for Apple to capitalize on this new functionality to turn the iPod Nano into a “Dick Tracy” like device that will feature “instant messaging” and e-mail capabilities.

iPhone Pro
Much like the MacBook Pro, the iPhone Pro will be a premium version of the iPhone that may offer a sliding keyboard, a larger sized screen, next generation wi-fi, and a larger hard drive. This product may be designed for the professional community.

If you want to look at what Apple will do next, look at what Apple has released now and imagine how those products would translate to other products in the company line. Also look at how third party vendors innovate Apple products and how the Steve Jobs will react to those enhancements. With the right research, will you be able to predict what kind of products Apple will release in the future.


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