Saturday, December 16

Garlic And Heart Disease

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Garlic has a lot of benefits.Though many people do not like it’s pungent smell, it is one of nature’s best health medicines.

This writeup would focus on one aspect of garlic.This is especially for people suffering from diabetes.
As we know, diabetes is one of the most dangerous conditions affecting humans and it could easily be the silent killer.

Among several conditions that people with diabetes get afflicted with is one called Cardiomyopathy.This is said to be the leading cause of death in people with diabetes.Heart disease causes around eighty percent of all the diabetes related deaths.

Now a study has found that garlic offers a tremendous benefit to such people.It has the ability to prevent cardiomyopathy.This is a condition that causes inflammation of the heart’s muscle tissue and weakens it.

The study conducted found that garlic can help control very high blood sugar levels in diabetic people.This could be, the study analysed, due to garlic having antioxidant properties.There are more than 15 substances that constitute garlic, which can aid in treating or controlling this diabetic condition.

The study, conducted on rats, found that the rodents administered garlic oil experienced positive changes that can be said to hep protect the heart against diseases.


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