Saturday, December 16

Useful Links For Watching Videos Online

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 When I got this account for this site I really only did it to get some money but sadloy when it came around to acctually writing an article I couldnt figure out what to write about and so I finally decided that I would write an article about a few different topics. And the first of which is going to be about watching tv shows online. See where I live we get tv shows really late and some shows that I would like to get I dont get, and so I watch my favourite tv shows online. Now to do this I mainly use 2 websites which give you direct links to the show I want to watch. The first is and the second one is now you may have heard of these sites but just incase you havent I will explain them a bit. The first one sidereel tends to have less links then tvduck but gets the links literally like an hour after the show airs in wherever it airs first in the world.

Now I know that I said that I would write about a few topics and so the second one is about youtube, now there is no possible way that you dont know about youtube. But just to fill in words for this article I am going to write what I know about it. To whatch tv shows the only way you are going to acctually watch any without dumbass copy right laws getting in the way is if the show is either canceled or the episode aired a few years ago. Now on youtube there are also music videos, movies split up into parts, skits, and how to videos. So if you dont have an account go and hit your head very hard against a wall for being so damn stupid, then go and make an account. Acctually on second thoughts dont hit your head against the wall all that hard. But mabye get a friend to whack you with a foam bat or spray water on you. Ya no dont hurt yourself. Too much. So go on to youtube now!

Now if you at this point are still reading this article then I first of all want to thank you for reading this piece of utter crap, I mean even I can admit that it sucks. Anywho the third and final topic that I am going to talk about is facebook. So you definitely heard of facebook if you dont have an account then well thats ok there is and age limit, which even though you could lie about it some people are uncomfortable with that or whatever. So ok on facebook yopu can keep in touch with people on the other side of the world, people you havent spoken to in years will messgae you, and you can get tons of friends that you dont know, though of course if you add strangers you are quite stupid. And you can post photos, write status’s and theres achat and messaging and the games. Which are awsome. So go on facebook or get facebook you have to be at least 13 or lie about being at least

ok so now that I have read over my article I realise that there are a few errors in the grammer and spelling but I am not going to bother to change them also there are probably a few words in there that dont, well that arent real. Or I am not sure whether they are real or not. I am not very good at english or grammer or anything and so if you care abou those things then I am sorry. Also if you read the whole article then I am sorry for the fact that it sucked. I just did not put that much effort into it.


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