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World's Hottest Celebrities – Angelina Jolie

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There are many hot women amongst celebrities. Some are seen as such only until someone takes a photo of them without make-up. Others enjoy the status of world’s hottest women regardless of the amount of paint on their faces. This is the case of Angelina Jolie, one of the Hollywood’s hottest actresses. At least that is what most lists devoted to this cause are saying.

Few interesting facts

Even as a child, Angelina Jolie was close to acting. Both her parents were in the business and so it was only natural that she followed this path too.

Angelina’s genes come from ancestors belonging to many different nations. Her father had Czech and American roots while her mother was of French-Canadian and Iroquois origins. Maybe this is the reason why she constantly makes it to lists of hottest celebrities as for example Czech women are often regarded as some of the most beautiful ones. Also, women of mixed origins tend to be hotter than others in eyes of many men.

She started to appear in movies since mid-nineties when her career started to sky rocket. She became one of the world’s most famous actresses after playing leading role in movie Lara Croft. Since then, she has won several awards, including Oscar.

Many men were delighted by the fact that she appeared in some sex videos. Others did not care. Anyway, even though it is some time since those sex tapes got out, you can still find them on the internet. Search for sex videos including Angelina Jolie will most likely take away a lot of time if you are her fan. There are several movies where she took something off. So, these videos are numerous and not always related to above mentioned sex tapes.

What I think of her

Well, I must admit that I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie. I certainly do not mind her. She is a good actress. However, her appearance does not do it for me. Though, I mean the face, not her figure. For some reason, she is just not my type.

To conclude, Angelina Jolie is on top of many lists as Hollywood’s hottest actress. Also, she is often regarded as one of the most beautiful celebrities in the entire world. With history of playing in many movies and even appearing on some sex tapes, her fans can be happy. Not every hot woman can be seen naked on the internet (not counting the fake pictures or even fake videos).


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