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How To Create A Barrows Pure In Runescape

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Since you clicked this guide your either wondering what a Barrows pure is, or how to make one. Well by reading this guide, you will learn about them both. A barrows pure is a members pure with 70 defense. Usually they have between 70-99 attack, 99 strength, 52, 70, or 95 prayer for turmoil, 70 or 99 range, and 94 mage for vengeance and ice barrage. If you really want to kick ass, you want to get 78 attack 99 strength 70 defense 99 range 95 prayer and 94 magic. You will be in the 110’s and kick any mains or range tanks ass.
Step 1: Quests
Barrows pure’s are mainly based off of quests. To be successful you will need barrows gloves, Turmoil, and weapons, which all require quests. You’re going to want to quest on your fresh new account. *Warning, You will hate making one of these if you hate or are unable to complete quests. You want to get all the F2P quests done and as many as you can of the P2P ones before you start training. You want to quest as much of the exp as possible. Basically you want to get as much QP’s as possible.
Step 2: Money
You are going to need a good 200-300M to have a successful pure. The training itself will take a few hundred mill, especially for range and mage. 95 Prayer takes over 100M too. I recommend tying to earn money as soon as possible also. You can make Bowstrings for money without any money required then after doing that for about 1-2M I’d start to flip while training. There will be a link to my Merchanting guide at the bottom of this guide. Also pick up all the drops you get and sell them to the G.E.
Step 3: Training
You will have to train to hope to even come near the required stats. With questing you can easily get around 60 attack, 50 Strength, 50 Defense, 50 Range, 50 Mage, and 30 Prayer. Those are all just estimates. Instead of telling you to train from each level, I’ll just tell you the best F2p & P2p Training spots.
1) Minotaur’s (Loot Iron Arrows)(F2p/P2p)
2) Level 2 Men (Edgeville) (Loot Herbs P2p) (F2p/P2p)
3) Chaos Druids (Edgeville Dungeon) (Loot Herbs 300k P/H) (P2p)
4) Flesh Crawlers (Loot Runes) (P2p/F2p)
5) Giant Spiders (P2p/F2p) (Great Exp)
6) Ankous (P2p/F2p) (Runes + Items Over 1k)
7) Tzhaar Cave (Tokul, Obsedian Items, More) (P2P)
8) Bandits (Best With Guthans For Attack Exp)
For P2P I suggest either Tzhaar or Bandits while F2p I suggest Giant Spiders which is 50k+ exp per hour. If you have any questions PM me at
When Pking I suggest using:
Neitz Helm
Rune Plate
Rune Legs
Dragon Boots
Dragon Scimitar/Whip
Dragon Claws
Dragon Dagger Poisoned ++
Rune Plate Legs
Dragon Boots
Rune Kite
Amulet Of Glory
Sharks + Rock Tails

For The Richer Pkers:
Full Dharoks
Dragon Claws/AGS
Amulet of Fury
Bandos/Dragon Boots

Good Luck Pking, I hope to see Your Videos on YouTube One Day.


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