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How To Create A Zerker Pure In Runescape

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Hello, Welcome to my guide on how to make a successful Berserker Pure otherwise known as a zerker pure, or a rune pure. If you have any skill at Pking, then these are the most fun pures to pk with. You will be a lower level main type of account but hitting crazy specs and crazy high hits. Some suggested stats for the zerker pure are:
75 Attack 99 Strength 45 Defense 70-99 Range 52 or 95 Prayer 94 Magic
Suggested Stats For Rune Pure:
60 Attack 99 Strength 40 Defense 99 Range 44 Prayer 85 Magic
The zerker pures are best in P2P Pking while the Rune Pures are best in F2P Pking.

Step 1: Quests
1) For the Rune Pure, I suggest just completing all the F2P quests. You need to at least do Dragon Slayer before you raise any defense. The max defense you can have before doing Dragon Slayer is 35. So you can get 35 defence and around 40 range to kill evlarg. You always want to quest your exp.
2) For the zerker pure, you have to do a lot of quests. Some of the main quests are:
1) Dragon Slayer
2) Monkey Madness
3) Recipe For Disaster (Rune Gloves)
4) Lost City
5) Desert Treasure
6) And a lot more. You pretty much want as many QP’s as possible.
Step 2: Money
1) For A Rune Pure, You don’t need to be filthy rich unless you want really high Knock Outs. You could last on 10-20M for a lot of Pking Time. All you really need is Full Rune Sets, Lots of Monk Robe Sets, Lots Of Rune Scimitar’s, Lots of Rune 2h Swords, Lots of Amulets Of Strength, and Lots of Swordfish to eat.
If you really want to get the high KO’s I suggest getting a Dragon battleaxe instead of a rune 2h. You can hit like a 350 potted. The max hit with a rune 2h is 310.
2) For the zerker, you are going to need a lot of money. You have to buy lots of dragon weapons, Lots of rune armor, Lots of high priced foods such as rock tails and sharks, Lots of runes for ice barrage, lots of arrows and a lot more. I suggest having at least 40M on the account.
Step 3: Training
I’m just going to tell you some of the best training spots since you will be doing a lot of questing and getting many different levels. *Important* you want to quest All of your defence to be successful.
1) Level 2 Edgeville Men (P2p/F2p) (P2P Loot Herbs)
2) Minotaur’s (P2p/F2p) (Loot Iron Arrows)
3) Rock Crabs (P2P)
4) Experiments (P2p)
5) Flesh Crawlers (P2p/F2p) (Loot Fire Runes)
6) Giant Spiders (P2p/F2p) (50k+ Exp F2p Per Hour)
7) Ankous (P2p/F2p) (Loot Runes + More)
8) Tzhaar Cave (P2p) (Loot Tokul/Obsedian Items)
9) Bandits (Great Strength Exp) (Use Guthans For Attack And Defence)
The Guthans Heals yourself but you can only train attack, defence, or attack and defence.

When Pking, On a Rune Pure You want:

Rune Full Helm, Rune Full Plate/Monk Robe, Rune Plate Legs/D’hide Chaps/Monk Robe, Amulet of Strength, Rune Scimitar, Leather/Colorful Boots

Zerker Pures Want:

Berserker Helm, Rune Plate, Rune Plate Legs, Amulet Of Glory, Rune Gloves, Rune Boots, Dragon Scimitar/AGS/Dragon Claws/Dragon Dagger P++

If you have any questions, PM me at

Good Luck! I hope to see you on YouTube some time!


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