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Why Are The Stages of Teaching Must Constitute an Integral And Inseparable From Each Other

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Why are the stages of teaching must constitute an integral and inseparable from each other?
Stages of teaching in general there are 3 main points namely: beginner stage / pre-instrictional, stage of teaching / instructional, assessment and follow-up phase. Phase pre-instrictional / beginner stage is taken by teachers on stage when he began the process of learning and teaching. Some activities that can be done by the teacher / by the students at that stage:
a. Teacher asks student attendance and record anyone who did not attend
b. Asked the students samapai where the previous lesson discussion
c. Ask questions in class or particular students about the teaching materials that have been given earlier
d. Provide opportunities for students to ask questions about teaching materials that have not mastered the teaching that has been implemented previously
e. Repeat the lesson materials and a brief and comprehensive.
The aim was to reveal the stage again pre-instrictional student responses to the material that has been received and foster learning conditions in relation to today’s lesson.
Phase pre-instrictional in learning strategy is similar to warming events in sports activities will affect the success of students sep a badminton player do blow warm up before he actually played. Therefore it was never a direct player to play without warming up.
Intructional stage / phase of teaching is the teaching phase or stage that is the core stage that has been compiled to provide teachers teaching previously. It can generally be identified several activities as follows:
a. Explain the purpose of teaching instruction to students who have achieved
b. Write down the subject matter to be discussed that day
c. Discussing the subject matter that has been written
d. In each subject the material covered should be given concrete examples (real)
e. The use of teaching aids to clarify the discussion of any subject matter is necessary
f. Concludes the discussion of all subject matter

From the description above can be concluded that in teaching and learning is a system consisting of stages that are organized in an integrated inter-related to one another than each component of learning in an effort to achieve the goal, if one component in the system are not met then the achievement of objectives will not be the maximum might be inhibited in teaching and learning, for example if the stage that requires the use of instructional aids are not met, so the purpose of the learning process less than the maximum, learners may be better understood by the media assistant in addition to the explanation submitted by faculty .


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