Monday, December 18

How To Tell If It's True Love

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They say love can be tricky. Yes it is. There’s a fine line between love and mere fascination, love and obsession and all other things. Despite the chaos of this world, there’s only one fact that remains, love is what makes life worth living. Only love makes one truly happy in life and since love is so important, what is true love then?

The whole world can give a million defintions of love, but how can you truly know which one is true? Here’s is my opinion on what true love is.

First of all, your true love does not hurt you, never does.  It is false notion that one has to suffer to love, that your loved one always has to hurt you deliberately. Your true love will never say anything that can possibly hurt your feelings. Your true love will never do anything that he/she knows can possibly hurt or embarrass you in any way. True love does not physically or emotionally abuse you. If you are hurt then it’s not true love.

True love has a lot of challenges to overcome. Once you’ve found it, problems will flood you. Destiny will try to tear you apart. People will say all the wrong things. You will be judged, crucified, spit upon in the eyes. The whole world will want to tear you down. If there are a lot of obstacles in your way, it could be true love.

True love is not love at first sight. True love is something that gradually builds with time and everyday you find yourself more and more in love with the person you love. It is not an automatic thing wherein you see someone and then say you’re in love. Love at first sight is only lust, no matter how good looking the person is, love is always something that is earned.

True love has a lot of unconditional kindness. Your true love is absolutely kind to you in every way. He/she will do everything he/she cans to help you with your problems. He/she will have unconditional positive regard for you. In fact, true love never runs out of kindness. Your true love may even give his/her life for you.

True love never lets you rest until you come back to it. If you get separated from your true love, your life will be all about trying to reunite yourself with the person you love.

True love makes your heart happy. It warms your heart, gives you joy in way. When you are with your true love, clouds of happiness will simply surround you. It will make you want to stay alive and live your life as long as you can because you are happy.

You simply surrender to your true love.  You are capable of giving anything and everything to your true love. You give your heart, soul and body and you won’t even notice you’ve already given it. You may even give away all your valued possessions just for the sake of your loved one and it won’t mean a thing to you.

True love is not a one night stand. It is not immersing yourself in the filthy world of cheapness. In fact, true love will never inspire you to be promiscuous. True love will teach you to value your body and see sex in a sacred way.

True love inspires you to do good things and to be wise. True love will inspire you to be a better person that you are able to do things you’ve never done before.

True love does not try to hide you behind closed doors. Your true love will be proud of you and behind your back, your true love can only say good things about you.

True love lasts a million years. True love never stops loving you, and may even follow you in your next lifetime. That’s what they call soulmates.


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