Wednesday, December 13

Investigation of Finding a Freelance Jobs

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One of the most difficult obstacles for any freelancer is finding the best freelancing jobs. The internet is full of ads for freelancers, from freelance writers to freelance programmers, but many of the freelance jobs you’ll come across online don’t pay well and the work isn’t interesting. Plus, there is a lot of competition for most freelance jobs you’ll find online. To earn good money freelancing, you’ll have to find steady work, and to do that, you’ll have to know a few secrets of the freelance trade to find the best jobs before your competition does. These tips for finding the best freelancing jobs will get you on your way to making good money as a freelancer, in whatever profession you choose.

1. Check job boards several times daily. Although freelancers do set their own work hours, a good majority of freelancers (i.e., your competition) will be searching for freelance jobs during normal business hours. Freelancing moms get their kids off to school, then log onto the net to start their daily job search. If you get up early, even a few days per week, and search the job boards before the crowd does, you can have your application or response sent in to the employer before your competition even gets out of bed. Also, consider that many employers are posting their jobs in the afternoons, before their business hours wind down for the day. If you’re able to check the job boards in the evenings, you’ll be finding the best freelancing jobs while your competition is eating dinner or turning in for the night.

2. Subscribe to email notifications and RSS feeds for new job alerts. Many of the best freelance job boards will send you an automated email when the type of job you’re looking for gets posted to their sites. Others allow freelancers to subscribe by feed. You’d be surprised how many of your freelance competitors don’t take advantage of these features. By being aware of new jobs as they’re posted, you’ll have the upper hand in finding the best freelance jobs right away.

3. Use sites that allow you to apply for jobs directly with the employer. Although bidding sites are tempting, and they may serve as part of your freelance income, you may find you’ll have better luck with job boards where you’re able to apply for jobs directly. Having direct contact with an employer gives you the ability to communicate more thoroughly and send samples of your work without having to post all your private information on a bidding site. Plus, you won’t have to wait so long to know whether or not you’ve got the job.

4. Join sites that charge a membership fee.This might sound ridiculous, especially if you’ve heard the blanket warning of “never pay for work.” However, sites that charge a membership fee attract much less competition and generally attract higher paying employers. An employer who wants to award the job to the lowest bidder will post his job on a bidding site. An employer who is willing to pay top dollar for a freelance professional will tend to look for a freelancer on a site that charges a membership fee. Why? Someone willing to pay a fee to be a member is more apt to be very serious about their freelance career, and will therefore turn in a better quality work product. Although you’ll pay this fee out of your pocket initially, you can deduct it on your taxes later as a legitimate business expense, so you won’t really be losing any money in the long term.


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