Sunday, December 17

Crackdown 2: Video Game Review

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Crackdown 2 received a lot of hype but was it worth it? Let’s find out! Let’s start off with some general gameplay.

You’re a genetically engineered superhuman who can perform incredible feats of agility, strength and marksmanship and you have the armor to go along with it! controls are great and easy to understand after about 10
 minutes. To upgrade each parameter, which are strength, guns, explosives, agility and driving, you need to use that parameter. If i keep using melee and get a lot of kills, I will gain orbs (experience) towards that thing. This was pretty nice, and it isn’t easy to level everything up to level 5. Each time you level up, you’ll gain some sort of reward for doing so. For agility, you’ll gain a speed boost and can jump a bit higher every time. Guns will get you new weapons, and so on.

As far as graphics, they’re OK, but not much was expected graphically with this game. You will still get a nice sharp image when playing, so graphics are absolutely no problem.

Now let’s talk about story. We already know that we’re superhuman, but honestly, there is no “storyline.” All your really doing is killing freaks (zombie things) and killing Cell (new gang in town). Apparently Catalina Thorne, leader of Cell, wants to destroy the agency but it is never really explained why. Crackdown (1) had much more diversity. There were multiple gangs to fight, and each had their own style.

This may be a quick review, but one fact remains. RUFFIAN games fails to innovate. Crackdown 2 is too much like the first game and not even as good, to say the least. For me, Crackdown 2 should have been a pass. I hope this review helped you to make the decision on whether to make the buy or not.


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