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Fallout: New Vegas Side Quest – Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

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This quest is a quest that takes place at Black Mountain. Please note that this quest involves wiping out a lot of super mutants, unless you are good at sneaking, so you’ll need to have a good level and some good weapons to be able to finish this quest without much trouble. To start this quest, approach Black Mountain from the West by Northwest side, at the highway. You’ll see that a road branches off from the highway then goes into a windy path. Walk up along the road until you see a small roadblock and a shack. A Super Mutant named Neil resides here. As you approach the shack, Neil will approach you and engage in dialogue with you. He warns you that Black Mountain is very dangerous and suggests that you go to Jacobstown instead. The quest will then begin. Before ending the conversation with Neil, you’ll see that there’s a Speech option that requires 50 Speech skill, that suggests that Neil help you take over Black Mountain. You can choose this option if you want, but he doesn’t help you much.

  1. Head to the summit of Black Mountain and end Tabitha’s reign of terror. Tabitha is at the very top of Black Mountain. From Neil’s Shack, you’ll need to walk, along the road, up Black Mountain, facing several Super Mutant patrols, unless you would rather sneak up. Depending on your level, the Super Mutants are fairly easy to take down, especially if you have a good ranged weapon. Keep in mind that Nightkin patrols may also be around. Battle your way up the road until you run into a a shortcut. The shortcut looks like a path right in the middle of two small “cliffs.” Note that you’ll have to avoid bear traps and falling rocks that can damage you. You can take this shortcut or continue to follow the road. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you’ll see a large white dome with a radiated crater in front of it. if you did the optional objective, make your way around the dome and meet Neil. If not, you can go inside the dome or continue up Black Mountain. Inside the dome, there are several trunks of loot, which require Lockpick skill of, at least 50 to pick the locks. At the “end” of the dome, you can see a ham radio. You can initiate dialogue with the ham radio, which lets you talk to Tabitha. You have 3 speech options: 1) The first option saying that you are a ‘fan of the Super Mutants’ sends every Super Mutant on Black Mountain to your location. 2) The speech option that requires 75 Speech skill, sends the remaining Super Mutants and Nightkin to the bottom of Black Mountain. 3) Does nothing and is simply there for users that change their mind. After using the radio, proceed up the mountain. Up at the very top of Black Mountain, there are several Nightkin waiting for you, unless they got sent to the bottom of Black Mountain by using the ham radio or if you got Neil to help you. You can sneak your way around them, which could be hard since you don’t know where they are, or you can charge up and shoot them as they attack you. Once you’re at the top of the mountain, you have a few options to ending this quest. 1) If you have a Science skill of 60, proceed to the 2nd Building on the left, relative to the entrance of the summit, and enter it. Make your way to the far right side of the inside of the building and you’ll notice a de-activated robot. Activate the robot by pressing the use key and use the Science option. This will re-activate the robot. Now, go outside and Tabitha will talk to you, thanking you for repairing her robot Rhonda. This ends the quest with good karma gained. 2) Rescue Raul, a companion, who is located in the first building on the left, relative to the entrance of the summit. Enter the building, get the password to the terminal next to the door from the terminal on the left side of the room. Activate that terminal, get the password, then activate the terminal next to the door. Unlock the door and set Raul free. Exit the building and Tabitha will confront and attack you. Take out Rhonda and the quest will end. 3) Go up to Tabitha’s room, which is the building at the end of the path at the summit, and kill Tabitha. Enter the building and go through the first floor. You’ll see that there’s a back door. Go out the back door and turn right and you’ll see a staircase. Go under the staircase and look carefully for a rock that is out of place. This is the key to Tabitha’s room. Pick up the key and head up the staircase. You’ll see a door. Enter the door. Now, you’ll see Tabitha. She’ll begin to attack you. Eliminate her and the quest will end.
  2. (Optional) Meet Neil in the village near the summit of Black Mountain. This optional objective is only activated if you enlist Neil’s help before proceeding to complete the quest. You’ll need to make your way up the mountain, methods of which are explained in the main objective, and meet Neil behind the large dome near the very top of the mountain, which is where Tabitha resides. Once you reach Neil behind the large dome, he will talk to you and tell you his plan. He explains his plan, which is to tell the other Super Mutants that an intruder is at the entrance of Black Mountain, which is down the mountain. He then goes off to tell the Super Mutants. You will now need to sneak up the rest of the way up the mountain. Make sure that your companions are set to the “Passive” combat mode, or they will begin firing. Soon, you’ll see that Neil is walking back down the summit, toward you. Do NOT go up to him and speak to him, as he has several Nightkin following him down the mountain. Simply keep sneaking up the rest of the mountain until you reach the very top.


  • 1100 EXP

  • Super Mutant Loot (if you kill the super mutants)

  • Good Karma (if you repaired Rhonda, the robot)


  • If you decide to kill Tabitha, you won’t lose Karma.

  • If you choose to repair Rhonda, you can kill Tabitha and Rhonda once the quest ends.

  • If you repair Rhonda without killing Tabitha afterwards, the Super Mutants of Black Mountain will be friendly to you.

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