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How to Become an Internet Millionaire.

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You will probably notice that there are many ebooks available over the Internet, promising you lots of money in few days. Those sites probably also have many statistics pictures and commentary proof on how awesome their book is. Let me tell you the secret few only know. NONE OF THEM WORK! Or as an alternative they will tell you to do the same – write a stupid ebook that idiots will buy.

As I said before becoming an Internet millionaire DOES NOT happen overnight. There are few things you must ask yourself first: „Am I going to do this without spending a dime“ or „Will I spend(invest) some money on this risky business“, if you chose the last one then ask yourself „How much am I willing to put on the line?“

If you chose the first option(will not spend a dime) then yay, you think like me. Be warned tho, this method is the most time consuming at the beginning and you will come across with the idea of quiting. If that happens say no to quiting and continue what you are doing, otherwise why bother starting anyay? Since we are starting from ground zero try these 3 sites: Onbux ; Lulu and Triond Yay for free advertising :D.

Anyways Onbux is in my opinion the best PTC site out there. It is simple, easy to use and supports paypal. Those who don’t know what a PTC site is then let me explain: what you are asked to do is to click on various ad sites in a day, stay on the site for some time (usually 10 – 20seconds) and then you’ll get some amount of money, sure the amount isn’t large (0,01$ per ad), but it’s a start. If you like don’t limit yourself with just one PTC site, register on many, most of them end or start with the word “bux”. Sure few cents per day isn’t that much, won’t even pay my monthly bills. True, it is because you are doing it alone. You can make 300 – 500$ per month on those sites alone. Secret? No secret, the keyword is referrals. Sure you must start alone, but when you reach a certain sum of money you can get to rent referrals for 30 days, and this means more money you will get. It is also wise to get some direct referrals, for example invite all your friends with your link. If they click, you will also receive money on your account. And so you will grow and grow on PTC sites.

The second site Lulu is like an online publisher that will publish your work for free, and you will get money from people who buy your published work. It is kind of like going professional on for example writing. On Lulu you can publish all sorts of things such as: books, ebooks, photobooks, calendars etc. Be sure that all the work you publish is yours truly, do not copy from some lame site and paste and call it a book of your own. 😀 That is just lame. The system is easy – the more you sell, the more you earn.

Last but not least, Triond. Triond is a site that publishes articles, such as these. You pick the topic, you write the article, you get paid. Triond will publish your article, what you have to do is start and share your article on other sites, call it marketing or promoting you very own work. Your income is based on how much your articles are viewed. So don’t get mad, if you get 0.20 – 2$ per month at the start. Yes that is perfectly normal. The more you write articles, the more views you get, the more views you get, the more money you earn. Should be easy to understand. The keyword is TRAFFIC, the more traffic you get on your articles the more money you make.

Since you have started doing some self promoting and marketing, why not test your skills on not your own products. Yes there is a  site where you can earn money by promoting some dudes product. It is called ClickBank. Warning this is the site that requires some work. What you have to do is to pick a product of your likings, and promote it with a special link only made for you. If anyone buys under your given link that product you will receive money. The money you get varies, it depends on the product price, but the cut you get is usually 20%+. This also the site where most of those evil books come from, what I mentioned at the beginning. About that %, the books usually value from 20$ to 80$, now take 20% from those prices and multiply with the number of potential customers you have directed to the product with your link that makes a purchase.

Why it is rewarding in a longshot? The first free will provide you a constant money flow. This means that even when you stop doing that, they will continue generate you money. Cool, eh?

There was mentioned a place called paypal. This is a must! It is like an international online bank, and many sites will pay your earnings to there. So please register yourself a paypal account if you haven’t already.

Another potential money maker is GoogleAds. It is more of a bonus actually, you can use it with Triond. If you let googleads be on your articles, googleads itself will pay you money plus Triond will give you a nice bonus to your income with googleads attached to your Triond account. WIN-WIN situation.

But wait you mentioned a way, when I spend few coins of my own. Well if you invest your own money, then you use the same methods as a free user, but you will get your results faster, depends on how much you invest.

Since you are already investing, try ClickBank again, but this time be the one who writes books full of nonsense and sells them for a high price. 😀 Note – in order to write your own nonsense and sell it over clickbank you need your own website, Invest few more coins and but up your website, attach googleads to it and make it as the site where you sell you book of nonsense. Remember others will promote your book, so you don’t have to worry about that. Again, your site gets traffic, googleads will pay you, you sell your book of nonsense and you get paid. Another WIN-WIN situation.

In conclusion, try out all of those sites and remember to never give up. And happy earning.



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