Sunday, December 17

How to Know if You’re Dating a Gay Person

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They talk like it

A lot of people who are gay will express themselves like the rest. They will sound feminine if they’re a male. They will style their hair in a girly way or they have body languages that are kind of girly. Their voices sound girly too.

They walk like it

A lot of gay man has a certain walk, more feminine. If they walk like it, then they might be gay. You should pay attention to the way they walk. If they have sex with men, they might not be able to walk straight. Usually their hips are crooked.

They are very close to the other sex

If you notice them when they are with the same sex. They tend to have more feelings for them or get really close to them or get really nervous when they’re around.

They might not be interested in you after awhile

If they lose interest in you sexually, they could be into the other sex. They find themselves more intrigue with the other sex.

Ask their friends

Usually, their friend will know if they’re gay or not. You can ask their friends and you will know. Usually, their friends will know if they go out with them.

They look at gay porn or chat online with guys

If they look at gay porn or chat online with guys, then there is a reason for that kind of behaviors. They are most likely into guys. You should snoop into his computers and find out why.

Ask their family

If you ask their family, you will be able to know. Their family will know about it, since they see him and know what’s up with him and who he brought home.


If you date a gay man, you might be at risk for STDS or HIV , since most gay men don’t protect themselves and they could be infected with that kind of sexual behaviors. You should do yourself a favor and watch them before you date them.


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