Saturday, December 16

Date Night Ideas

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Cuddling at home

Who says you can’t have a great time cuddling at home? You will have a great time cuddling at home because it’s quiet and you can get to know each other more in details.


The beach is a great place to go on a date. It’s romantic and quiet. You can even make out and get cozy there too. The dark night will conceal everything.


You and your lovers alone on the mountain, it can’t get better than that. You will love the quietness and the romantic views from above.


You will have a great time at a fancy restaurant over your favorite food. You can treat your date to something special.


Everyone goes to the movies, at least it’s dark and you will get a chance to make out, don’t we all want to make out. When she gets scare, she will jump and hold on to you.


Bowling is so fun and you should not skip it. Bowling is the best thing that there is for dates.

Walk the dog

You should have a quiet walk with the dog around the park or neighborhood and talk. It will be a great time for the both of you, since dogs can bring people to a good mood.

Go for a drive

Driving around town will be a great treat for the both of you. You will get to chat and look at the neighbors. You can drive up and down the hills. Some people just love to drive. Road trips are great too.


If you love music or love to dance, you can hit the nightclubs. It’s fun if you know each other well enough to dance together. There will be booz and buzz and it will be entertaining.


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