Thursday, December 14

Improving Your Chance of Dating After 40

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Life comes with so many changes. You might find yourself divorced at the age of 40. You might be looking for a relationship. Here’re some tips to help you be a great catch for that someone.

Change your looks

You should change your looks so that you can look more attractive because if you’re not attractive, you will have a hard time looking for dates. Appearance is almost a priority in dating, even if people don’t tell you so.

Work out

If you’re not in good shape, you can try working out. It will make you look great and feel great. You can look younger and you will attract more people. When you have more muscles, your physical characteristics change and you will look different, and for the better.

New wardrobe

If you’re still stuck in the 1920, it’s time for new clothing. If you want to date younger women, you have to look like you’re living in the now. Younger women are very picky about their man’s looks. They’re stylish themselves so they want you to be the same. I would get bored if my man is wearing a pair of jeans that he had 20 years ago or a jacket that he has 20 years ago. You will have a hard time looking sexy that way.


You should consider a makeover. It will give you a new look, like get a new haircut or a new hair color or wax your eyebrows and shaves. If you have long hair and a long beard, it’s not going to attract a lot of people except biker’s chick.

Date those that are your age

If you have a hard time attracting younger women, you should consider dating those that are of your age. They might find you more attractive and they might have more in common with you.

Look online

If you’re shy or if it’s hard for you to go out and meet people, then you should give online dating a try. You will find a lot of people on there and you will like it. Most people date online nowadays.


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