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Understanding The Components of The Computer

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CPU is called central processing unit. It’s the brain of the computer. The cpu fetch instructions follow instructions, produce results. It consists of two parts: the control unit, and the arithmetic and logic unit. The control unit does most of the operation work in the computer. The arithmetic is for picking up mathematical operations.


The hardware refers to the physical aspect of the computers. Some of it is stored in the heart of the computer. It’s consisted of the cpu, main memory, secondary storage devices, input devices, and output devices.


Softwares are programs that run on a computer such as operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix, or applications. Softwares are very important because without them we would not be able to use them in business or in our personal lives. We depend on them for our daily activities. Software has made things easier for a lot of us. Software is something that we can’t miss in our daily lives.

Input device

Keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera, disk drives, optical drives, usb drives are all input devices.

Output device

Monitors and printers, disk drives, usb drives, cd, dvd are all output devices. The output devices are very important because without them we can’t use printers, and watch things on the laptops.

Main memory Ram

Ram or random access memory is the main memory of the computer. It’s stores all the instructions and data for your computer. The performance of your computer is based on the RAM size of it. You can always look at your RAM size by looking into your computer’s profile. You can do this by clicking on my computer.


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